Monday, May 21, 2012

136 of 1001 Albums: Chicago's Chicago Transit Authority

At the time this album was released in 1969 they were known as Chicago Transit Authority, but later changed their name to what they are commonly known as, Chicago. This album was an instant hit with listeners. It ranked at #17 on the US charts, and was #9 in the UK. The album also heavily relied upon jazz. The Chicago Transit Authority actually threatened to sue over the name of the band though, which is what led to the shortening. 

My Thoughts
After listening to Captain Beefheard and His Magic Band, almost anything was a relief after that.  Chicago is thankfully quite good, though probably something I wouldn't normally take up listening to. The guitar is heavily catchy though, and I do like how they utilize the brass.  I think after listening to several minutes of just music I was shocked when someone started to sing, but also pleased. My only complaint would be the length of the songs.

Rating 3 of 5.

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