Saturday, May 26, 2012

140 of 1001 Albums: Dr. John's Gris Gris

This debut album from Dr. John mixes the styles of New Orleans blues, and psychedelic rock for a blend you probably haven't heard before. This album actually failed to make any chart hits when it was released in either the U.S, or the U.K. It didn't receive any attention till it was rereleased years later, and Rolling Stone placed it at #143 on their Greatest Albums of All Time. 

My Thoughts
When I heard the first song on this album I was worried I was about to get a rehash of the Captain Beefheart disaster the other day, but thankfully the second song took this album in a better direction. It is very unique in sound, and I haven't heard anything like it. I think what saves this album for me is the backup vocals. They add almost a mysterious, soundtrack vibe to the music. The lead guy singing isn't all that catchy, but the music, and other vocals are what make this soar for me.

Rating 3 of 5. 

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