Saturday, May 26, 2012

141 of 1001 Albums: Dusty Springfield's Dusty In Memphis

In this album Dusty Springfield tries to reclaim her credibility as a soul artist by recording an album that consisted mainly of R&B songs. It was said that Springfield was an absolute perfectionist during the record of this album, and would only approve of two songs, "Son of  a Preacher Man", and "Just a Little Lovin". Another side bit of information, Dusty actually contributed to Led Zeppelin getting signed since she knew the bass player. 

My Thoughts
Dusty has an undeniably good voice, and I can't think of anyone who isn't familiar with "Son of a Preacher Man".  The album is consistent in sound, but the songs don't get much more moving than "Son of a Preacher Man". The others showcase her great voice, but they are slower in tone, and sometimes more dramatic.  I wish there had been more like that song, and "Just One Smile" since those had been so enjoyable to listen to. Also, what baffles me is that not all of this album was actually recorded in Memphis despite the title. 

Rating 4 of 5. 

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