Sunday, May 27, 2012

142 of 1001 Albums: Elvis Presley's From Elvis in Memphis

This is amazingly Elvis's 35th album. I can't recall anyone I have listened to so far who has released that many albums. Perhaps there is someone, but he is the first I read about. It was probably his most critically acclaimed release since his 1956 debut. The only single released from it was "In The Ghetto".  The album reached #13 on the Billboard charts, and #1 in the U.K. Along with all these notable numbers, it was #190 on Rolling's Stones list of Greatest Albums of All Time. 

My Thoughts
I don't know how you could actually dislike Elvis. His voice is unique no matter how many people try to imitate him. Unlike the previous albums I had listened to though this one is a bit less rock n' roll, and more country.  There were some enjoyable songs, but for the most part I did enjoy his fast paced songs fro the past a tad better. I grew up listening to his song "Mama Love the Roses" quite often, and in a way this album seems to be very reflective of his family, particularly his mother. Also, unlike Dusty Springfield's Dusty in Memphis, this whole album was recorded in Memphis. It was nice to see Elvis make a return on the list though, since I have missed some of the sounds of the 50s.  

Rating 4 of 5. 

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