Monday, May 28, 2012

143 of 1001 Albums: Fairport Convention's Liege and Lief

Fairport Convention was led by Sandy Denny for this album, and I believe the previous one released the same year, Unhalfbricking. Denny left the band before this album was even released though.  The music on Liege and Lief mainly consist of Celtic folk music music, and it is acclaimed as the first British folk album of it's kind.  The album didn't find high success, but did make some chart movement. It reached #17 on the British charts. 

My Thoughts
This is a really fun album for the most part! There hasn't been any Celtic sounds so far in the prior albums, and I've always enjoyed the sound of Celtic music. We have had a lot of folk music though, so I was into the blend of the two.  I'm not a huge fan of Denny's voice though, and I was much more into the rhythm of the music. One of my favorites was "Farewell, Farewell". It is one of the slower songs, but I really enjoyed it. I also liked "Medley: The Lark in the Morning". It was only instrumental, and probably by far one of the most enjoyable songs to listen to for me. 

Rating 4 of 5.

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