Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Book Review: Kim Cash Tate's Hope Springs

   Hope Springs follows the lives of different women who are all discovering something new after some major changes in their lives. Including Becca, whose husband Todd has been offered a position of pastor at a church, and Janelle, who finds her old crush Kory, is about to be single again after his divorce. There are also other characters throughout who don't seem quite as prominent like Libby, and Stephanie, but still have stories of their own to add. 
  This book has many stories that all intertwine, so keep focused to keep up. Of course, you'll notice right off that Janelle, and Becca seems to be the two main ones. While their stories seem a tad cheesy at time they do keep you reading. Janelle more so than Becca though.
  This book is entertaining, but there is a way over usage of Twitter, and Facebook in this novel. I'm not even sure Facebook is okay with their name being used in these novels, because I never ever see it in mainstream novels. I feel like the use of trends in books should be avoided if possible anyways. If think your novel is going to stand the test of time then you want it to be as accessible as possible to people in the future. Of course there are some things that can't be avoided like the use of cell phones, or laptops, or whatever is our means of accessing things that will always be around. There is always the likelihood these things could disappear from the face of the internet any day. The internet will always be around, the things on the internet are debatable.
  Besides these things I think most will enjoy this story if you already read the genre. Of course, there is the perfectness that accompanies too many of these novels. The character is only divorcing because his wife cheated, and she is the one who filed the papers, and the other woman who is interested in him is a widow.  The other woman's biggest flaws seem to be that she wants earrings that glitter in the light, which is a sign of her impending stardom that is building her ego. This novel also continues on the trend of dealing with interesting topics still avoided in many churches like race, since it is quite noticeable that most churches still don't blend different people even today.
  So this book is a mix, but overall it keeps you reading, which counts for something. You'll probably find something relatable about the characters while I still think they could use more of a touch of human to them. You can check out the novel at Amazon.

This book was provided by Booksneeze in exchange for a review. 

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