Monday, May 7, 2012

Book Review: Phil Stern's Rogue Powers

  Within the Kingdom, the royal family can legally display any paranormal talents they choose. But commoners revealing even the slightest of powers face arrest and execution.
  Anson is one of the few surviving telepaths living in secrecy among the population. However, an unusually powerful, rebellious young princess finds herself irresistibly drawn to the commoner youth. Defying all convention, Anson and Lydia quickly form a close, illicit bond.
  Managing to remain one step ahead of the King's empowered operatives, Anson and Lydia make plans to escape the Kingdom entirely. But once the monarch announces Lydia is to marry another royal telepath against her will, Anson and Lydia must immediately battle for their own future, reshaping their entire society in the process.
  Phil Stern writes an action packed, fantasy based, story in Rogue Powers. Not only do you get action, and fantasy though, you also get quite a bit of romance. This one seemed quite different than Witches to me, and perhaps more along the lines of something I would pick out at the bookstore.
  One of the most enjoyable parts of the story for me was how Anson, and Lydia's story merged. We get much background information on them to build their paths, but you know these two will eventually cross paths, so you're reading for that moment.
  There are also a lot of enjoyable actions moments, and you have the very easy to hate villain, Linen. Probably, the best part overall was the ending, but I won't say why, except that it was completely unexpected. All these moments work together to bring a quite consistently enjoyable novel.
  If you're looking for a fun fiction, or you're a fan of the sci-fi genre, then this is probably a book you will want to look into. You can check it out at Amazon.

Rating 4 of 5.

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