Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lost Rewind: Tabula Rasa

  I have no idea, but in the first season this has always been one of my least favorite episodes to sit through. I think because there is no suspense surrounding Kate in this one, or at least there wasn't for me. We know she has a criminal past, and we know that ultimately the Marshall caught up with her. Though we do find out some new things it isn't enough to keep me on the edge of my seat. 
  There is one major theme I think I got from this episode, and this is the ability to trust. All these people are finally realizing that though they don't want to abandon their hope of rescue they are at least going to have to trust each other as much as they can in the meantime. We have the obvious development of Kate reaching out to Jack, but we also get doses of relationships forming between the other characters. Like Michael, and Sun treading into each other's zones, and Charlie helping out Claire.  Everyone is beginning to become connected in some way. 
  Most of all this is a Kate centric episode though. We view her flashback, which is how she came to be on the plane that left Australia.  There are some very puzzling things given to us about Kate. On one hand we know she is wanted for being dangerous, but yet the way she interacts with the Australian farmer show us this woman who obviously cares for other beings. She never intends to bring him harm. 
  Though this isn't my favorite episode, it it is needed to connect to the other things we'll need in the upcoming episodes. Also, the song at the end of this show is such a lovely ending to it. We completely get the title of this show, which means blank slate.  Everyone here is having to start clean of something, and despite where you're coming reach out to what they are living now. 

What secret did Locke tell Walt? 
What did Kate do that made her a criminal? 

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