Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lost Rewind: White Rabbit

That is actually what Jack's face looks like the entire episode, that or he's about to cry. No kidding, watch it and you will see. If you hadn't guessed though we get our first Jack-centric episode meaning we find out why Jack was on the plane! Besides Jack we see an interesting development in Locke's personality, and the survivors begin to turn on each other.

The whole theme with daddy issues seems to begin with this episode. I have to say the way the creators built suspense with the Jack continually seeing this odd figure on the island was really good. I got a tad scared while watching this episode before because it is very eerie, especially the last few moments of it when Jack finds the water.  The flashbacks are decent, but for some reason Jack's character always annoys me. He looks like he is always going to cry, and usually he does.

Another bit is that we see Locke step up as an advise giver, or someone who becomes a guide to others, which is very different than what were being led to believe about him prior to this episode, which was that he was seriously creepy. While Lock and Jack are running through the jungle though, the survivors are turning on each other. This has been building up with the past few episodes. Everything from the survivors assigning assumptions about each other, to their hatred toward Sawyer, they've been looking to become violent with one another.  This whole episode is propelled by the fact their bottled water is running out, leaving them no source of fresh water on the beach, so when someone steals the last few bottles chaos breaks out.

Despite the fact I'm not a huge fan of Jack, this episode gets back to the things away from what Walkabout was about, which was faith, and the mystery of the island. This episode features a good bit still about the mysteries of the island, with the mysterious guy that pops up, but it also gets back to many of the normal concerns that are beginning to happen on the island, like how they are actually going to survive in that environment. The small group on the beach is headed toward quite a significant divide one that goes deeper even than how to survive, but even on their beliefs.

Questions Presented
How is Jack's dad running around on the island?
Will the survivors move for water?
What did Locke see that was so beautiful?
How did Jack's dad die?
What was Jack's dad doing in Australia in the first place?

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