Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Movie Night: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011)

  When a young computer hacker is tasked with investigating a prying journalist, their separate missions become entangled amid a decades-old conspiracy. David Fincher directs this English adaptation of Stieg Larsson's novel.
  Before embarking on watching this movie I was really excited about seeing it. The novel is one of my favorites, and since I hadn't seen the original movie make I didn't have it to compare it too. Overall, this movie is quite the experience though, and it sums it up quicker than the novel for people who like more of a condensed story. 
  First, this is a huge breakthrough role for Rooney Mara.  She went from being someone no one has probably heard of to now having this very prominent, risque role in a movie. You can tell she is absolutely dedicated to the role of Lisbeth. It is difficult not to be entranced with her character while she on screen. Daniel Craig also does well in his role, and I thought he fit the character perfectly. 
  I'm not too fond of movies that extend beyond 2 hours. I think it's debatable whether some parts could have been shortened or not to get to the end quicker. I think the mood, and tone were great though.  It also has a really good soundtrack throughout, so even when there isn't any talking, which seems like the entire movie, you're still entertained.   When I was watching the beginning though I thought it was a bit much. We have about several minutes of introduction, and a song. The song sounds good, but it seemed to much like a music video. 
  Also, depending on how you receive nudity, there is a lot. Either I haven't watched many movies, or this was a first for me besides Blue Valentine. I don't even know why Blue Valentine had to fight to get an R rating instead of NC-17, because I'm certain this movie contained just as many graphic scenes as it did.  The only thing that is awkward for me when there is this much nudity is when I'm watching it with people who aren't so comfortable with it. A completely nude woman is a sight for the eyes for someone who hasn't seen one before
  If it sounds like I disliked the movie after being slightly critical of it, that is not what I intended. I thoroughly enjoyed it, though some minor things would have helped me enjoy it more. The acting is spot on, and after you get past the first few minutes of the movie it seems to all flow consistently well. 

Rating 4 of 5. 


  1. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for the feedback!


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