Wednesday, December 26, 2012

303 of 1001 Albums: George Jones' The Grand Tour

The progression of country is one of the most recognizable out of the genres there is. With each artist you can hear how prior ones had an influence on the following ones. By listening to country of the past you can hear how it progressed to what it did, and you can also notice how it furthers itself from a lot of the folk blend it had.  George Jones is probably one of the most popular of country even nowadays his music can be heard in what country fans still listen to. It seems that influence peaked in the 90s.

George Jones voice is very smooth, and it flows with his guitar well. He seems to let it carry off on it's own, and it fits the tone of his music, which is mostly somber. His music also sounded a lot like the gospel music you heard in many Southern churches if you attended one. Somehow this music can labeled the "un-sinful" one. For some reason Merle Haggard's and Johnny Cash's style wasn't as pure as George Jones' style. The sound is peaceful though,  but the message in the songs aren't the most uplifting ones. Because the instruments don't treat it as seriously as the lyrics do it keeps a light feel to it.

There are some songs like "Mary Don't Go Around" that do leave some fun in the album, and probably some subject matter that the above mentioned audience wouldn't like. The tunes are more appreciated with the piano tune that keeps someone almost dancing. Jones also puts a lot more into his voice in this one. "Once You've Had the Best" is also another memorable tune. It's one of the sadder tunes though as whatever he's had that was the best has ruined any future prospects in comparison.

Something that is appreciated is how straightforward the lyrics are. You don't have to puzzle over what the singer is talking about as he sings, and you know instantly how to relate to it. There is some music so obscure in meaning that people to this day are still puzzling over it, and it's probably kept many audiences from knowing how to relate.

This isn't the type of country that you will find people outside of a love for the genre saying they like often. He's very hardcore into the sound, and stereotypes of country. If you like straight forward songs, that are very country then you will want to check it out. It features a lot of the twangy guitar sounds, and even "whiny" sounds that have gotten country into the shape it has. It's worth a listen for the funner songs though.

Rating 3 of 5.

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