Thursday, January 10, 2013

319 of 1001 Albums: Tangerine Dream's Phaedra

If you listen to many soundtracks nowadays, or electronic music you might hear a bit of Tangerine Dream's music influence in it. While it might be something that sounds quite dated nowadays there are a lot of sounds on it there were just getting attention from this group.When listening to this album though you will instantly get the vibe that you are in a movie at least.

The beginning rightfully starts with the title song "Phaedra". There are moments where some of the sounds in this song remind you of the ones throughout the Inception soundtrack, so that makes it a bit more interesting. After getting past the first two very long songs though you have two shorter ones until we are down to only listening to a 2 minute song. The sounds on the songs capture their titles whether it is shooting for nightmares or something scientific.

You listen to a while of music that has no vocals though, so your imagination works over time to create how you feel about the music. While this music isn't going to have a huge audience there is something to be appreciated about the thought, and time put into the music to bring together something that can a story even without the lyrics. You can feel it might take the length of time listening to it just to gather the emotions from it.

Phaedra could be a soundtrack lover's, or electronic fan's dream. It is the very early stages of a genre that has grown over time. You can still hear the many influences these guys have had on music like it throughout time. It goes to show you don't always need lyrics with music to feel something. There aren't many occasions you can really get out this album to listen to it though.

Rating 2 of 5.

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