Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Getting to Know the Blogger - Your Favorite Song

The song that most consistently stays with me no matter the day is "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right". I have many favorite songs, and they all change out at some point, but as someone who stresses this one stays most consistently the one that is relevant. It's sort of reminder not to think twice about decisions, or happenings that have already occurred.

Along with that the music is really peaceful and relaxing. I've always liked the harmonica, and guitar together. I had listened to some Bob Dylan before this and found he has the ability to write lyrics that related to almost any situation someone would find themselves in even if he had his own personal meaning for them, or they were more so set to the things of that time. The ideas though seem to have not expired in them.

Each album I've come across of his so far seems to represent a stage he was in. The best time to listen to this song though is when you need to feel someone can relate though. It often calms me when I'm worrying about something if I need to find something to do that when I can't talk about it. It's also one of those songs that makes me want to pick up the guitar, and make a bad attempt to learn it all over again. If there is anything I have learned from trying to listen to 1001 albums so far it is that people find their music very important, and more so than movies or books, they take it very seriously when someone has an opinion about it. I get more comments on music than I do either of the books or movies I take part in watching and reading.

While my favorite song at this very moment might not even be this one it is one of those that sums up where I want my mindset to be most the time. You know why people like Bob Dylan when you at least listen to the lyrics, and no matter how much hate you have against his unique vocals, or even the sound of it I would hope is sort of forgotten when you hear what he sings about. I think even when I'm really old I will still be able to get out this song, and it be just as relevant as ever to my life.

Feel free to leave your favorite song, and why in the comments.


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