Monday, January 7, 2013

Music Review: Erin McKeown's Manifestra

Erin McKeown is outspoken about what she thinks, and she will go to very open extents to make it known. This album matches her personality in that regard as Manifesta holds nothing back regarding politics as how she feels. If you're into politically charged songs seeking to make a statement then this will most likely interest you.  All you have to do is notice the title of such songs like "The Politician" and "Baghdad to Bayou" for the vibe this album will put out. If you're liberal minded you might appreciate the lyrics a little more, but anyone can at least appreciate the sound McKeown fuses into her music.

While some might be listening to her more for their agreement of her political statements there is a good sound that is worth checking out. With songs like "Delight/Divide" she showcases her strength in the folk field as a musician. "The Jailer" is another with a tune that you will give another listen after first hearing it on the album. She knows how to balance a soft tune with her strong messages. Also, while each song is diversified enough to keep you interested listening, she also has a consistent sound that doesn't go too off the chart for fans.

Most of all though this album basically is a political statement. She is expressing some obvious disgruntled thoughts from the left side of the spectrum. Some people respect the fact she has the ability to express her feelings, but if you're someone who may not agree with those views it can be strong at times. McKeown has every right to be open in her music if she likes though. She shows that people still have a lot they want to sing about regarding the state of the United States though. For that her music will probably still be a much talked about thing years later. Honestly, your ability to listen to the music will depend highly on how you feel about the content.

If you're into music that is a little pop, and a bit of folk this one is fun to listen to for the sound, but how you respond to the lyrics will depend on how you perceive her views. Most will find themselvesiving them a very close listen. She is one of the few artists who doesn't really beat around the bush with what she thinks. Her songs aren't very obscure in meaning, and with a little listening you can figure out what she is talking about most the time. Most likely this album will find a narrow audience, but one who will feel strongly about it when they do find it.

Rating 3 of 5.

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