Saturday, January 19, 2013

Television Review: King of the Nerds (TBS)

Robert and Curtis are known celebrity geeks and they have signed up to host a reality show featuring geeks battling out to become the ultimate geek. Considering this network constantly pimps out the fact they air The Big Bang Theory it's no surprise they would bring along this show to sort of build upon that. The cast is sort of annoying though, and doesn't really make nerds that endearing.

The nerds come from all backgrounds to showcase that nerds don't all have the same strengths. There are pro-gamers, mathematicians, scientist, comic book collectors, computer hackers, video game bloggers, and more. The nerds begin by dividing into groups, and then having a twist played on them when they find out what the one remaining odd person out gets to do when not chosen. We then see a little bit of friction begin to develop between the teams as they begin plotting how to get rid of the strongest.

Many will begin the debate on how real the nerds are or whether they are actors. To be honest, there are moments it crosses your mind considering how overacted they get at times. Despite the questionable real aspect to the show it is sort of enjoyable to watch. As expected, the girl who is a little bit not as attractive as the other girls is the one not picked for any teams, as the guys all agree the more attractive ones have a place. Geek doesn't change most guys, ladies.

The end challenge is quite interesting, especially for someone who has recently took up chess. Sadly, the girl who was picked over doesn't end up proving herself to have any strengths by the end of the show so it makes for a tad interesting watch in the future as they try to pick her off.  In some ways it is quite sad how this girl doesn't even fit in here, and it honestly shows a very dark truth about the world that even in societies we think we fit in we may not actually fit. This girl may end up feeling more rejected than ever by the time this show ends when she realizes even her own group of people didn't think too highly of her.

For a first show not too much was happening though. There was one major twist, and what seemed to be one major challenge, which was just to see who went home. There was nothing to build tension between the teams though. What's even sadder is that even in the world of geeks is that the more cutesy, pretty girls win first. Also, the show has to resort to some woman who is wearing too little of clothing to move the chess pieces during the game while a shirtless guy beheads the pieces. In the end it shows that if people don't find you attractive in whatever group you're in you still may not ever feel you quite fit in. The challenges have potential to entertain, and while a lot of the cast is annoying there are still some you want to see where they go.

Rating 4 of 5.

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