Monday, January 21, 2013

Television Review: Ripper Street (BBCA)

Not knowing what to think as you first get into watching Ripper Street will leave your expectations open ended. Think Sherlock Holmes meets The King's Speech. There are lots of British camera shots, and the story seems to heavily follow be something inspired by Guy Ritchie's version of Sherlock Holmes. Lots of the intro looks worded like it, and the music is very similar as well.

Being an investigator in the East End of London in 1889 is no easy job. Edmund Reid is a detective, and he's called on a case that is bound to give anyone chills as a killer looks to imitate Jack the Ripper. not long after his terror was stopped. Reid teams up with Bennet Drake to further solve what is happening. Captain Homer Jackson is brought in for the autopsy side of things, and finds he could be more closely tied than he thought to one of the women at risk for being pulled into the murder's ring. The local brothel may just be attracting attention of not only Jackson, but the eye of someone else, and Long Susan is sending her women into it without knowing.

This was a very big episode packed into an hour, and fifteen minutes. It gets started off pretty interesting with a fighting match scene, but seems highly reminiscent of a very another scene that you may recall. When the body of the woman is found within ten minutes of the beginning of the show it kicks it off though, and gets a little spooky. There are some moments after this that it gets a tad slow, and a little too graphic just to be graphic.

For a pilot episode it includes a lot of action, and sex though. No show I've watched this season had to blur out breasts, well except Buckwild. The thing is is that those scenes are all really pointless. We get why the girls are taking photos without having to see the extra with the blurs over it. Also, the show is shot in a very British style. So if you don't like having to stretch your eyes to always look in the lower right of the screen this might annoy you. You feel like if it had been a little tad over it wouldn't have been as noticeable to you.

The acting is quite good though, and the most interesting character is Captain Homer Jackson. Edmund Reid is married, but we don't seem to get but a tad of insight into how is relationship with his wife is, but Jackson we get to see constantly at the brothel seeming to fall for one of them. That is more development than the actual lead seemed to get. Despite the times it gets a little slow you have your interest caught by the show again by the time it ends.

Ripper Street has a strong start, but maybe tried to be a little edgy way out of the gate. The characters have room to grow, and it has an interesting premise with one of the creepiest guys in history to base the following killings off of. There are times that it feels a little bit too much like another movie with it's music, and scenarios though. On another note, this show has the most copper fell I've seen in a television show.
Rating 3 of 5.

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