Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Television Review: The Taste (ABC)

The scenario might seem familiar. Four judges judge a contestant without seeing them on whether they want the person on their team or not based on some form of talent they possess. No, this isn't The Voice that picks contestants the same way by hearing them sing without singing. This show is The Taste. Four judges taste food prepared by contestants, and then decide whether that person is on their team without seeing them.While not too unique it is still intriguing to watch. Not everyone with a sob story gets picked making it even more suspenseful.

Top Chefs, Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre, and Ryan Malarkey judge professional and amateur cooks based on one taste of the dish of their choice. They only reveal who the person is behind the dish after they have voted whether they want the person in their group. Sometimes the judges regret their initial votes, but once they've decide they can't go back and change their vote.

The Taste is actually quite good. You never know who is going to go through. With many of the characters you get back stories, but unlike shows like American Idol, just because you get a back story doesn't mean we will see you again on future shows. So you sort of form an attachment to people who you wish would have gotten picked, but don't. Then there are others you really don't like, and don't get any stories that build up to who they are, and they make it through. More times than not though it seems people don't get chosen.

All the judges are also entertaining to hear from after they have tasted the food. You would think Anthony Bourdain would be the most vocal, and while he is, they all equally contribute to giving some form of helpful feedback, or just something that maybe sounds a tad insulting. The judges aren't annoying for some reason like the ones on The Voice are. They also make the contestants interesting too whether they are the ones you want to make it or the ones you end up disliking.

ABC seems to know how to pull together a reality show from many walks of life, and make it good. There aren't many that have come on the channel that have been too boring for me. The show also has something visually appeasing about how it looks that makes it something you enjoy viewing. It's very bright despite the dark blue surroundings. Also, they try to present the food in the best form so even the viewer wants to try it.

The Taste is probably even a reality show for the usual reality show hater. It's well put together, and no one is usually highly annoying on the show enough to make it feel fake, or make you want to tune out. You get pulled in by how each show might develop after this one. The only complaint would be the two hour run time of the first episode. Usually it just naturally drags when you try to run any show this long. An hour at the most is enough to sit and view a show like this. No one needs an extra hour that you could put into another show to view it.

Rating 4 of 5.

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