Monday, February 4, 2013

328 of 1001 Albums: Earth, Wind And Fire's That's The Way of the World

 Earth Wind and Fire's That's the Way of the World doubles as a successful album from the band plus a soundtrack to a movie. With positive reviews, and hit singles this album definitely is recognizable to most people familiar with at least the sounds of "Shining Star". With a good funk and soul sound, and great vocal talent it makes a great all around album.

"Shining Star" was a great way to start the album, because it's one of their biggest singles, even reaching number one on the Billboard Charts, and it has the nicest rhythm of the songs on the album. It shows what the band is all around capable of right of the gate, and why most people are at least familiar with their name.

"Yearnin Learnin" is the next memorable song from the album because it has that same vibe that makes you want to move. This isn't music you can sit to because it makes you want to be doing something while listening to it. Even the slower songs like "Africano" has some sort of drive about them that has a lot of movement though it's mainly wind instruments for some of it until it finally takes off after a little bit of that. Then it goes into some very heavy type funk style.

Maurice White, Philip Bailey, and Verdine White just have a lot of vocal talent that carries the album. They know how to work off each other with a good sound. Along with that the band has a lot of talent themselves in capturing the flare they want. Earth, Wind and Fire may sound like music that is definitely from the some 70s, but there is still something that captures you about it.

Earth, Wind and Fire can be relaxing, but also something that makes you want to move to it. It captures the 70s funk sound very well, and is definitely a high point of the genre with these guys showing what it is about. It feels a little dated to that time, but it sounds just as a good as ever. With standout songs, and a good ending with "See the Light" the band carries it well throughout the album in making an album that showcases who they are, and what their sound is about.

Rating 4 of 5
Recommended Listen: Shining Star


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