Friday, February 15, 2013

333 of 1001 Albums: Neu!'s Neu! 75

Neu! definitely sounds like something new. What sounds like something starting off similar to Kraftwerk ends up sounding like a punk rock album. It's range is huge, and unique. Neu! is responsible or having a wave of influence including David Bowie on his album Heroes. With the range of sounds that is tinged with the synth explosion to come it makes a good listen, though the songs are some of the longest.

"ISI" is the song that kicks the album off.  It's a good start, but the album gets better more so about halfway through it. Most it doesn't have lyrics, so it plays out more soundtrack like. "Leb' Wol is the song that seems to stand apart from the rest, but somehow it still fits in, and is a good transition to the more punk songs heard after it.

"Hero" is the highlight of the album. It sounds great, and also really modern. It doesn't feel dated to the 70s at all. After that it just seems to verge more into a punk rock vibe, but not completely. It still has this wide appeal to it that makes so many things about it appealing to listen to it. Critics agree as it was well received at the time of it's release.

The album is a lot of fun with "E-Musik", and "After Eight" though they are a tad hard to tell apart. There is something so fun about listening to them though, and they are a drastic change from you had been hearing.  For some reason it just works how the whole thing was mixed. Everything sounds good and showcases a lot of talent.

Neu! is just an interesting group. They make extremely long epic songs, and sometimes have lyrics and sometimes don't. They also throw any distinct sound to the wind, and instead make a showcasing of what sounds like all types of sounds, and pull it off. It's an album that gets progressively better, and needs a good listen or two again.

Neu! 75 is one of many albums from this group, and it's worth the listen. It's very long, and some of the songs take a different mood to listen to, but there is something about them that weaves them all together, whether it be one sound or two that is placed in another song to make it related to another. It has a lot of creativity and showcases good mixing.

Rating 4 of 5.
Recommended Listening: Hero

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