Saturday, February 16, 2013

334 of 1001 Albums: Patti Smith's Horses

Patti Smith along with The Ramones, and a host of other punk sounds were coming out of the New York scene to help emerge a new sound. Smith definitely isn't like any other female singer you've heard with grittier vocals, and a lot of rock moments.  Her album is a flow of artists she loves that have inspired her to put this together like Jimmy Hendrix. She has this very tough sound that definitely hasn't been heard on the list before.

Smith begins her album with "Gloria", and maybe over does it a tad on trying to sell the toughness by proclaiming the woman of the song is not able to be saved, even by Christ. It's like a very strong message to begin the whole album with. This isn't one of her more punk rock ones though, as though come a little later.

"Redondo Beach" sounds almost something mixed with a little reggae, which is interesting. It's probably one of the most different songs on the whole album. "Free Money" is when the whole album gets really memorable though. It has this flare that sounds more like Patti Smith talks about the album in with the guitar chords and what not.

After "Free Money" it doesn't stop there though. "Kimberly" continues this streak. One thing that can be admired about the album is the guitar playing. It sounds really good and innovative. It also totally adds the punk sound that fits in with that scene. The guest appearances throughout the album made it come to life also. "Land:" is one of the fun songs on the album, but also extends for quite a while.

Patti Smith probably qualifies as a must for fans of the genre, as in 1975 it was finally getting to rolling on becoming a major known genre in music. It was so rebellious that probably only certain could like it because the content struck to rebel against many things of the current. It makes for an interesting listen though, but the lyrics present a lot of things that maybe don't mesh if you're someone who strongly is rooted in something of the opposite. Smith speaks her mind, and has an unique voice she knew how to use. There was a lot of power and talent backing it.

Rating 2 of 5.
Recommended Listen: Free Money

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