Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Movies: Here Comes the Boom (2012)

You may know Frank Coraci's work from movies like The Wedding Singer, The Waterboy, and Zookeeper. He seems to go through phrases of using certain actors. He's a director you may not know off the top of your heard, but you've heard people talk about his work. He's like a comedic director, but with a little heart somewhere placed in it for sentimental value. Here Comes the Boom sort of sticks along that line of movies.

Scott Voss is a high school biology teacher just getting by at his job. He arrives late, and isn't too attentive to the students when he is there. His school administrators hold a meeting though stating that finances are forcing them to cut back on programs such as the music one. This lights a spark in Voss to do something for the music teacher who will be let go, Marty. In order to raise money he begins to make an effort to become a successful mixed martial arts fighter in order to raise money to save the teacher's job.

Kevin James just sort of makes an endearing actor. Probably because he does have some of the underdog attributes that Adam Sandler had back in the day when he was at his peak of fame. He isn't a George Clooney, or something, so he just looks like a normal guy making him easier or people to associate with. Also, it seems a few movies have been wanting to delve into the bad of school system nowadays, which is filled with teachers and students alike who honestly would like nothing else than to not be there. The threat of jobs finally gets at least, Scott, to become passionate about where he works.

Henry Winkler was a good choice as Marty too, as it's interesting to see how he's went from being the Fonz to a teacher who is well liked, but a little bit "Mr. Rogers" also. He probably provides some of the more funny moments of the movie. There is also Selma Hayek as the sort of forgettable, Bella Flores. She's the school nurse who is the only one who backs up Scott's endeavors at first to try to save the job of Marty. She doesn't really provide anything extra to the movie. You also have other little spread out appearances from Gary Valentine, as Scott's brother, and Joe Rogan as himself.

Here Comes the Boom doesn't seem to be meant to be over the top funny though. There are a few scenes that might make you loudly laugh, but there is something more cute about it than hilarious. People seem to still be hesitant about Kevin James' movies after Paul Blart: Mall Cop, which honestly isn't too bad of a movie, it's actually better than people give it credit for. What seems to be the focus of this movies, along with that one, and honestly most Kevin James's movies he stars in is a certain quality that makes it accessible for everyone to watch. You don't have to be an adult to enjoy it, and you don't have to be scared about your kids watching a movie with you while watching it. It also isn't too kiddish for adults to be rolling their eyes at the humor.

This movie is a nice movie for all to watch. The message is upbeat it still has a very adult feel to it, but kids can safely view it. You have a cast that works well together, and some pretty intense scenes. You may know how the movie ends in this case, but it's a good viewing experience to watch. It's better than you'll expect, and interesting.

Rating 4 of 5.

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