Saturday, April 13, 2013

357 of 1001 Albums: The Eagles' Hotel California

This is the first album from The Eagles on the list,and  the first without founding member Bernie Leadon. The album is also one of the band's most popular, so after the switch up it made them more successful. Hotel California is a consistent album as far as sound, and does have one of the most memorable songs from the band.

"Hotel California" is a good way to start the album because it is the best song on the album. There is something about the song that fits California, and catches this chill vibe that helps you relax. It sounds good, but the rest of the album sort of lulls off. While you have a mix of fast and slow songs the songs sort of run together, and you may catch one that gets your attention every now and then. The guys do sound different though, but they sound like a revisit to the early 70s.

While it isn't labeled a concept album much of the band has described as being a concept album as it explores the idea of America declining into materialism and decadence. "Wasted Time" is one of the more obviously serious and slower songs on the album. It does give the album a much needed mix up as well though you'll continue to want to go back to listen to Hotel California over again after it has gotten stuck in your head.

The next song that really stood out was "Victim of Love". The guys sort of seem like a branch of Neil Young except with the toned down voice. Their music does stay with a consistent sound throughout, so it's good, but also could use more of a variety at times as well.  The band does throw in their contribution of vocals and instruments though making them add their unique persona to the album.

It's easy to see why The Eagles were appealing in 1976 and beyond. The guys have talent and they sing about memorable lyrics that would resonate with people. You also can't forget a lot of the tunes on Hotel California as the rhythm sticks with you. The guys know how to write lyrics that flow together as well and they even hide just how dark the album is as well.

Rating 5 of 10.

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