Monday, August 5, 2013

385 of 1001 Albums: Pet Shop Boys' Actually

A second album can be a hit or miss for some bands, especially if their first album was a huge success. Pet Shop Boys created one of the most successful albums in their career with Actually.  I also could just be biased to synthpop though. While there are many guest musicians on the album there are two main guys who are the band, and they create quite intricate music.

History: This album would go on to be one of the top selling albums for the band. This album also has had more singles than I've heard come from one album with ten. Ten songs were released to the public just as singles. I think there are enough songs to make it as being single worthy on the album though. The album proved to be a success not only with sales, but also with how critics received the albums as well.

Vocals: The vocals are a bit different than what seems to be the popular style as they do sing in a higher pitch, but I really like it, and there is something about it that captures this fun vibe of the 80's that makes you wish you were listening to the music as it was happening there. I also do like how you can hear the British tones of the vocals because it adds a characteristic I haven't heard in 80's pop yet. Dusty Springfield also contributes vocals to "What Have I Done to Deserve This?", and it came out to be one of my favorite tunes on the album.

Instrumentals: Since this album is labeled synthpop there are an array of sounds and instruments used, and while it does create that strong 80's vibe there is just something so catchy about how the arrangement comes together, and the bass that backs the music. What most of the instrumentalist are attributed with is is just straight up programming. It takes talent and an ear for music to still arrange the music to move with the vocals and create a strong dance vibe.

Recording: Personally, I like the 80's pop sound. Most of my generation seems to avoid it, but it is truly fun, and some of the best dance music there is. I like how the beat is so prominent in this album, and I think it is only better as it is restored over time with technology since it was created basically with technology. It's just improved every single time to the listener's ears.

Pet Shop Boys gave a great start to their music with Actually. While not every song was something I got pulled into I can say that most the tunes did, and the sound was there enough to be established with me. "Heart" was another that just stood out to me as well. The guys have a tone they created with the album and stuck all the way through with.

Rating 8 of 10.

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