Wednesday, February 15, 2017

388 of 1001 Albums: Guided By Voices' Alien Lanes

Guided By Voices has one of those staple 90's sound in it, and they seem to be the ones who drove it into existence. There are some obvious other bands from the 90's that seem like they took a note from their book and followed suit. Guided By Voices though has some really catchy sounds that stick to this raw formula. While I wished they would have cleaned it up a bit I think they sound good, and keep it chill.

History: The album has some of the most mixed reviews I've seen thus far on the list. With some claiming it was a huge failure, and others noting that it is one of the best albums of the 90's. I'm sure the musicians are happy with the turn out of the album though considering they claim that it cost more than a few dollars to make, and they earned all their money back and then some from the album.

Vocals: The vocals have this very California sound despite the band being from Ohio. The rhythm that aligns the vocals also heightens their effect. They are very relaxed and a bit care free. The lyrics that are being sung go with the flow of the vocals. This makes the music relaxing to listening to though you can't really wipe away that there is something deeper lurking beneath the tunes.

Instrumentals: The guitar riff creates a rhythm in most the songs that are very catchy, and they sort of experiment with the themes of the songs. The drum has a nice simple beat as well that keeps the song sort of upbeat with the tone. The songs though aren't going to blow you away with musical talent. I find the melodic pattern to be one that caught me though.

Recording: Most will note the recording. The musicians have even commented they didn't spend a lot on the album. The fact the album still sounds good says a lot about their talent though. It just doesn't have the quality of many studio albums that people are used to. It does sound it was recorded in a garage, and the bass is a little vacant because of it. The album does have a sound that is easy to get into though. If you prefer things that sound a little less garage and a little more studio then this wouldn't be that appealing.

Alien Lanes is a nice little album with some very short songs. I can't say that it will stick around long after listening though, and the songs are so short that by the time you've feel you've gotten into the tune the song has already passed on. With a little more length it might have phased me more. The guys though show you don't need a huge budget to make music and get it out there though.

Rating 7 of 10.

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