Tuesday, August 13, 2013

389 of 1001 Albums: Queen Latifah's All Hail The Queen

Before she was the famous actress, she was the famous rapper. Her debut album in 1989 was a strong start for her, and it proves she has the chops to keep up with others in her field that were male. The rhymes are catchy and the flow of the music works well, but for an hour long album it drones on a bit. If you're a fan of old school rap it works though, and honestly I do like the 80's and early 90's style of hip hop a bit better. The bass is beat and the instruments are quite lively.

History: This debut album of Queen Latifah merged the ideas of feminism and rap to create quite empowering tunes for women, and music that had a beat that anyone could enjoy. The single "Ladies First" would become a hip hop song classic from the album with it still garnering attention today. She topped charts, and got the attention of critics in a positive way.

Vocals: Queen Latifah has good vocals, and she has a lot of talent with rapping. Her vocals do flow very well with the beat and the other vocalist she has arranged into the song to back her up. For the first few songs it's enjoyable to listen to. Somewhere around "A King and Queen Creation" the album just begins to blur though. I also sort of found the theme of the album just something that doesn't appeal to me. It's very self-glorifying, and that type of artistry just doesn't benefit me to listen to. I appreciate her usage of lyrics though that aren't about money or sex though.

Instrumentals: If there is a favorite part for me in the album it is the instrumentals. I just like how it all sounds real even though you have a lot of engineering and mixing going on behind the scenes as well. The album has fun beats, and movements beginning with "Dance For Me". It'll have anyone listening and moving from the beginning. I think though that the album loses a bit near the end though. It doesn't have the same beat that the beginning did.

Recording: The recording does sound very late 80's. It's for people who can admire or enjoy rap from that time. The backing vocals also add a lot to the music as well. I think though that if you try to take this and merge it into any sounds now that it would be very old school sounding. This does make the album very retro in it's own way, and probably adds another element of fun to it.

Queen Latifah is wanting to clarify that she is the queen of hip hop on this album, and she does get her point across. Every song that is almost mentions the king and queen theme in some way, to the point where it just feels a bit over used at that. I think the sound is fun, and it may be fun to listen to in the moment if you have an occasion for it, but nothing in the long run resonated with me.

Rating 5 of 10.

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