Saturday, August 17, 2013

391 of 1001 Albums: The Jam's All Mod Cons

The Jam are an interesting sounding band that uses a lot of influences from the pop scene of the British in the 60's like The Kinks and comes back around a decade later in the 70's to make this album, which is a lot of fun and it's very light. It's a far cry from the heavy stuff I've been having to listen to. The songs are very short though, and I don't think always stick around long enough, and it's a good thing to feel that way because it means they are good enough to.

History: "Down in the Tube Station At Midnight" would become a pop song sensation in the U.K. and hit the tops of the chart. All Mod Cons find this album garnering the band more attention than previous efforts did, and adding to the attraction they were getting for being apart of the mod revival scene. Whether they liked that or not is another thing though. They did play the title of the album to the mod trend though and used a popular saying in Britain at the time to title their album from "all modern conveniences." It's catchy and memorable.

Vocals: Paul Weller has vocals that are good, but they aren't extraordinary. I think it's good that he doesn't try to push his vocals to be something they are not though. "It's Too Bad" is one of the best from the album with the instrumentals and his vocals making something really catchy to sing along to. The rhythm has a lot of movement and it's one were he gives the vocals a staple sound to memorize the music by.

Instrumentals: The instrumental arrangement sounds really good. It's soft, but it still has a lot about it that resonates with you as you're listening. I already commented on how enjoyable "It's Too Bad" was musically, and you can't pick a better song for a first listen from the album. "English Rose" is another though that is quite good, but it is really short, you won't get to enjoy the nice acoustics for as long on that song as you would, but it's a good listen.

Recording: What is really good about the album is how timeless the sound is of the tunes. The tunes are ones that sound like they have that 70's sound, but they also feel modern enough to blend with any current recording. The piece of history they also were apart of his quite interesting too. While mod is a familiar term, it's not one most know in broad depth about, so it's intriguing to study what makes the music apart of that scene in particular.

All Mod Cons is an enjoyable album and probably more so for those who are into the style of bands like The Kinks, or even The Beatles later stuff. They sort of take some inspiration from that cut and merge some 70's sounds to make a strong album. The songs are a little short to continue with me through time, but I would recommend this if I knew people into this style.

Rating 8 of 10.

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