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Movie Review: The World's End (2013)

Edgar Wright ends the Nick Frost and Simon Pegg trilogy with a very outstanding ending that will please fans, and might get others interested in the prior movies. The only joke that ties the three movies together might be missed unless you've saw them all, but it's the only series you'll see that you don't have to watch prior ones for. The change up in making Simon Pegg the screw up and Nick Frost more of the normal character works nicely too to keep the two from being too predictable.

Summary: Gary King seems to not have been able to move on from the fact that him and his friends failed to complete a drinking marathon that would at a pub appropriately titled, The World's End in their home town. He convinces the original other four friends to join him once again though they are all reluctant to go. Once arriving though things don't seem quite the same, and the people seem to be inhabited by something that has taken over the time. Gary is still determine to be king of the pubs even if that means his own life.

Acting: The acting is everything you would expect from the same people who brought you Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. The humor is witty and Simon Pegg shows he can expand outside the usual characters he plays to be a more dead beat, arrogant and obnoxious guy. Yet somehow you can't help but cheer him on in the hopes he reaches the final pub and drinks at them all.  Nick Frost is one of the pals, Andy. He is the best bud in all the movies, and appropriately the one who seems most likely to stick by the character led by Simon Pegg in all the movies. I think what makes this movie more easy to relate to, especially for guys, is that the characters look more like the group they are targeting. They are guys comfortable with their own selves, but they don't look like the idea of perfection yet they have women who love and accept who they are. Martin Freeman also makes an appearance as Oliver. There is also Rosamund Pike as Sam, the female friend that two of the guys were hitting on when younger.

Filming: Somehow Edgar Wright balances the film to be silly enough, but also have some heart. It never gets extremely silly as most satires because it remains witty and the shots keep it feeling as if it is taking itself seriously, but it's the characters that aren't. The characters also do make some growth throughout the movie as their deepest temptations seem to be tested yet they overcome them and prove to themselves just how strong they might be under the given circumstances.

Plot: The plot is aided by starting out with the guys just trying to achieve finishing the pub crawl that they couldn't earlier. It feels like it takes a bit of time to get to the point where we feel the world could potentially be ending, and you wonder if it is even going to happen, and the title is only alluding to the pub. I also do like how this comedy differs from many popular comedies like The Hangover. It's about 5 guys, and includes one woman present who is likely to still end up with at least one of two of them. Unlike other movies treatment of women this movie actually doesn't try to portray women in a terrible light, and for that matter it even is a bit encouraging for men who have their own struggles. The men though respect their own wives, and Sam isn't a weakling who depends on any of the guys, but also accepts help when she needs it. It could be argued that the robot women showed women in a bad light, but come on! They weren't supposed to be real. I just liked how as a male movie it doesn't trash all over women.

The World's End is definitely an acquired taste if you have any potential of liking a comedy of that genre. The jokes are in the characters' treatment of the whole very serious situation. Also, by the end of the movie you see this is a movie that is an ode to alcohol, but has a very underlining grave point about it. It's actually more of a character driven movie than you would think.

Rating 8 of 10.

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