Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday Movies: Admission (2013)

I have to say that the low rating and less than stellar reviews for this movie are so disappointing! I actually thought this movie was quite cute and funny. I also thought Paul Rudd and Tina Fey had chemistry as the lead. I also liked the plot of the story which isn't something appealing to everyone, but I found it to be different and intriguing. Paul Weitz directs this movie though about a woman who thinks she has it together only to find in a very short amount of time that she doesn't.

Summary: Portia is an admission officer at Princeton. She seems to be very adamant that her life is very put together including her decade long relationship and her job. John is a past classmate who now runs an alternative high school. He invites her to visit the school to perhaps gain the first recruits for Princeton at his new high school. John has other reasonings for inviting her there though, and one is that he believes a student, Jeremiah, is her long lost son she gave up for adoption. At first Portia wants nothing to do to help, but as she gets to know him she finds herself bending the rules at Princeton to try to make his dream happen.

Acting: The acting is good, and it has a cute tone to it. I thought the funny moments were well woven in as well, and they sort of catch you off guard in the middle of the drama of the movie. Tina Fey is Portia, and as expected she is funny and fits the role. She makes her feel modern and smart, but also a little lost in what she is really looking for. Paul Rudd is an actor I just don't think has gotten enough attention yet. I like his comedy style, and I think the guys he plays are sort of good guys who are mostly normal typical people. Nat Wolff is Jeremiah, and he's pretty good as the teen who could be her son. You'll also notice familiar faces like Wallace Shawn as the Clarence who runs the admission process, and Martin Sheen as Mark. Lily Tomlin is Portia's mother, Susannah, and I found her to be the funniest part of the movie.

Filming: This movie has a lot of disasters wreak havoc on Portia's life, so you begin to feel for her. I think though to balance it out they make the movie and scenes lighter in nature so it isn't so dark, because this movie could just be outright depressing for a while if not. It has cute light music though, and brightly lit scenes to liven the movie back up though.

Plot: The plot does have some moments that seem far fetched, but by the end it does smooth itself out to not seem as far fetched as it did in the beginning. I like how it stretches circumstances to be something they are not much like we do in real life. I also like how the romance between John and Portia plays out because it grows realistically. I just felt it did start off a bit stereotypical. I found both their lives the decisions they had to make to be interesting ones though.

Admission obviously is missing the love from many, but I was surprised to enjoy the movie as much as I did, and it's keeping me open minded about movies that seem to be loathed by critics, but actually quite enjoyable if you open your mind to it. The acting is quite good, it has some funny moments through in to loosen the tension, and it deals with some good twists and choices that makes the movie interesting to watch.

Rating 8 of 10.

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