Monday, August 26, 2013

Saturday Movies: Bad Boys (1995)

Michael Bay is known as a few things depending on your view of his movies. He modernized action movies or he killed the genre as you know it. It seems like people are split on his movies, but there is one that many can agree on, Bad Boys. The movie blends humor and action, and even steals a line from the famous tune that was the theme of the most popular reality show of the 90's, Cops.  Most would credit the leads though for making this one of the more popular Michael Bay movies outside of Transformers.

Summary:  When drugs are robbed from security, Michael and Marcus are sent on the case. Michael and Marcus are two different people though, and the clashing of the personalities can make it difficult to work together. Mike is single and still likes to the ladies man, and Marcus is settled down with a wife and children. The guys lead two different lives but a complicated situation is about to make them see things from the other's perspective. One witness has to be hidden, and the only way she way will go into hiding is if she is with Michael, but Marcus is the only one able to rescue her at the moment, so he must pretend to be Michael, this makes Michael have to spend time at Marcus' house as him.

Acting:  Martin Lawrence is Marcus and Will Smith is Michael. The two know how to bounce the comedic relief from one to the other to make it work. Smith fits the playboy guy that is Michael, and adds a touch of humor to it. Marcus seems like the one who is married, so it works and provides some humor there too. There is also Tea Leoni as the witness, Julie, who needs protecting. If anything happens to her then the whole case that the cops have is blown. Leoni knows how to make her role work without just being eye candy for the guys, and giving a performance that adds a bit of humor and heart to it.

Filming: Everything about the movie has strong Michael Bay characteristics. If there is anything the guy can be credited with, it's that he has a very prominent style he has acquired and known for. There are the heavily angled sloping scenes, and the strong orange color throughout. It does add something compelling to the movie that wouldn't otherwise be there. It also keeps his movies from becoming too dated too quick. If he keeps a consistent style then it can span over time with his movies. You can also tell that he has mostly shot music videos and commercials before this though.

Plot: Thankfully, the plot is very simple. It's for a casual, humorous, viewing, so you just don't want something too complicated too weaved into that. Especially since Bay doesn't have a way with creating characters you feel deeply involved in. The characters are more developed by the actors and how genuine their relationships seem. I also think the way other characters like Julie are weaved in works as well, because she seems to work well with the two leads.

Bad Boys is one of Michael Bay's better works, and I'm hoping that Pain and Gain makes a return to the days like this that Bay was known for. He does have some talent that people may not credit him for all the time, but he gave himself a certain style that isn't one that has faded and isn't something a lot of other directors can say they've done.

Rating 7 of 10.

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