Friday, August 9, 2013

Saturday Movies: The Call (2013)

The Call feels like a movie that would have been made a decade ago. Because of it throwing care to the wind and just being ridiculous and a thrill I actually enjoyed the movie way more than I expected. The movie is very fast paced, and gets started quickly by throwing us into the action. The ending feels oddly added on, and it turns into something that the movie didn't seem to moving toward. I guess by this point I already found the movie to be a little crazy since the psycho over does it, so the ending just didn't throw me off too much.

Summary: Jordan is a 911 call operator, and she is good at her job. When she gets a call from a teenage girl, Casey, it reminds her of a call that went wrong from her past. She is determined to have the outcome of this one be better though. While the officers are out searching for the man that abducted her, Jordan is on the phone talking her through the situations, and giving her ways while she is riding in the car that she can get the attention of others around her.

Acting: Since the plot is a little crazy, I would believe as an actor you're just going to have to roll with it, and act like you're also just delving into the characters full force, which is what Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin do. I haven't saw Halle Berry in much, but I thought she seemed to have a lot of urgency and panic about the girl in the car. She doesn't seem to let it phase her that this plot does go a bit out there. Abigail Breslin is Casey, and I think she makes the scenes she is in quite terrifying. The girl does have real acting skills. If there was any other teen cast in this part I don't know that they could have brought it to life as she did. Michael Eklund is the bad guy, Michael. I think he got a little too carried away with the plot, and just decided he would play a very stereotypical psycho path. While it was intriguing, it was a bit laughable as well.

Filming: There are a lot of good action scenes, which I didn't expect. The panic of the woman being behind a phone, but not actually present with Casey to help her adds to the intensity of the scenes. The most intense scenes do involve the car on the road scenes. When the guy finally arrives at his destination the movie just shifts from the intensity and tries to get into some weird torture mess that just doesn't match with the vibe of the first half of the movie.

Plot: The plot is fairly simple, and easy to keep up with. I'm sure you could watch the movie on silence and get what is going on. It's just very straight forward. Casey having a fit and panicking at the appropriate moments and then toughening up when she needs to though keep the movie very intriguing and on the edge of your seat. The biggest distraction is probably Berry's terrible hair. Wigs always distract me. I think it's just a bad decision at any point to involve those in a movie. I am also stunned that with all the technology there is hair still looks so fake. Anyways, the bad guy is very over the top, and unintentionally funny. I for some reason enjoyed it though. There are these really insane bits I couldn't help but find odd. Like Michael is approached constantly by others who spot Casey and try to confront him. Somehow he is able to apprehend these guys all on his own to get away. All I could think was, "Did anyone see that?"

The Call will be one that you skip over in the belief it is a tad silly. It's a good kind of silly action movie though. There is something that feels very 90's about some of the movie. Where it sort of falls of the path of where it was going is near the end. While it still works it extends belief from the previous scenes. Then again if you found a guy constantly killing people in obvious view of the road or other people, and getting away with it believable in the first place then you were taking the movie way too seriously before the ending.

Rating 8 of 10.

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