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Wednesday Movie Night: The Host (2013)

What mainly saves The Host is the acting. A lot of people are bashing the movie from both sides as fan of the books and critics of the movie. I thought the book was good, but it was basically like an alien version of Twilight with elements that were too repetitive to bring to the screen again. You have two guys, one girl, and an odd way of getting the love triangle made right so both guys are happy. There is also this odd violence toward women justified through being an alien species. It mimics Bella's very calm reaction to the abuse she went through because Edward couldn't control his power. Andrew Niccol though has created movies that people have liked though like In Time and Gattaca, so the futuristic theme is right up his alley, but he has a difficult story to work with.

Summary: Melanie is on the run from a species that has taken over the human population by using their bodies to live in. Now that she has been caught by a Seeker she has one named, Wanderer, put into her body, but Melanie doesn't disappear once she is there. Instead Wanderer is given access to all her memories and feelings by being able to share the same body with her. Wanderer also begins to feel for Melanie, and when her life is threatened she helps her runaway and find the others she was living with. Once there though her love interest, Jared, rejects her, and a new guy, Ian, begins to take interest. With the help of her uncle she is able to fit back into society there.

Acting: The acting is the better part of the movie, and with decent acting much of the movie is salvaged. Saoirse Ronan has a bright future, but Melanie/Wanda was a difficult character to play because much of her dialogue was badly written. She spends much of her time talking to herself because she is two personalities in one body, and at first it takes a lot of getting used to because it just seems cheesy how it's all done. Ronan though keeps her cool playing it and never over does it. By not overplaying it our minds are taken away from it for a bit. Max Irons is Jared and Jake Abel is Ian O' Shea. They aren't bad actors, and they are good, but they feel like two pretty boys they found for the roles and cast them in it. William Hurt is Jeb, the uncle. Hurt does a good job by making the guy quirky and likable. Also, you have Diane Kruger as The Seeker. I thought Kruger could do a bit better considering best roles since she didn't have much of a range in this.

Filming: You have a lot of pretty scene shots even though much of the movie is set in the desert. I thought the plot is slow, but Niccols seems to have a particular eye for making the settings feel futuristic even when he may not have all the props and setting to do that. The color pops though and the special effects are pretty well done to not take away from the movie.

Plot: The plot is where it gets rocky. There are many slow moments in the movie, and it's sad because it seems a movie like this would have so much potential to be interesting. No one has anything likable or easy to relate to about them, and it uses lame tactics to try to attach us to the characters, like Melanie's only family being left, and her love interest. There are moments that seems to flow by quickly, and others that take a while to keep us watching. I just felt like more action, and more screen time for the aliens would have worked.

The Host isn't as bad as people say, but being the person behind Twilight gets a lot of biased reactions. The filming looks good, and the acting salvages the movie from being bad. I felt the plot had some good moments, but there was no mystery for me, and I've always found the ending of this story to be weird and a bit of a plot hole that didn't correlate with how the rest of the story worked.

Rating 7 of 10.

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