Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wednesday Movie Night: Identity Thief (2013)

For some reason Jason Bateman just isn't funny to me. What does excel is Melissa McCarthy though. I think there are some funny moments, but this movie becomes more than anything, an action comedy. I think if you look at the movie a little seriously then there will be points you can't extend belief and just laugh. I don't think it's supposed to be something you watch that seriously or take as everything actually being possible to happen either.

Summary: Sandy thinks that everything is going well. He just advanced at a new job, and thinks he can make plans to make his family larger, until he discovers he's been the victim of identity theft by a woman who looks rather harmless. Diana though is actually wrapped up in some pretty twisted dealings, and when Sandy goes to Florida to retrieve her so he he can have her arrested and fix his unwanted debt caused by her, he is also dragged into the chaos that is her life. Now the two are on a cross country trip to avoid the bad guys she owes money to, and get her back to the police, so Sandy can be safe and with his family again.

Acting: Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman are the right fit as the leads, Sandy and Diana, but Bateman seems to just do the same old song and dance he does every time. He is annoyed, he can be the typical loving family member, he's feeling compassion that is his weakness, etc. It just doesn't seem very different than his previous movie circumstances. Maybe that is the writing though. His job circumstance almost even seems similar in some forms. Melissa McCarthy works with her character, Diana, well for how bizarrely written the character is. Some people aren't going to like the humor that is needed and employed here because it is over the top though.

Filming: This movie brings in a lot of action comedy techniques. It gives us a buddy comedy vibe, it has a lot of fast paced scenes, and sort of stereotypical music used with the scenes to move them along. I think the fact that some scenes are cut short to imply the humor more does work. Some scenes where the characters are hit by cars, or are punching other people is sort of needed to be brief to somehow show the humor of the scene more.

Plot: The plot isn't thoroughly explained all the way through. I think the bad guys that are pursuing Diana could have been dwindled to less, and perhaps better explained. I had no idea what the point of adding the man and woman was since the bounty hunter was entertaining enough. While I'm not a fan of Bateman I found that he was someone who worked well with McCarthy, in balancing the oddness of the scenes. I also do like how some positive vibes are weaved into the movie even though it does give it a bit of a cheesy vibe in the movie.

Identity Thief probably achieved the popularity it mainly did because of the comments made about McCarthy. There is also a lot of life in the colors, and the lead character, Diana, that do intrigue as you watch though. It does make you wonder how this is all going to wind up since you have a character who is obviously headed down a wrong path but becoming more likable as the movie goes on.

Rating 7 of 10.

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