Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday Movie Night: Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)

Jack the Giant Slayer was probably one of my favorite movies I've saw this year, which comes as a shock to me. It was a lot of fun though, and has this very youthful charm to it that is mostly coming from the childhood story. I just really loved the fantasy atmosphere, and the acting that was well done in the movie. I felt involved with what happened in the characters lives as I was watching the movie. Also, you have some great and beautiful CGI that is entrancing to watch.

Summary:  Jack is sent to buy thatch for the roof by selling a horse for his uncle. When he gets to town though he is distracted by trying to rescue the Princess, Isabelle, from trouble. Instead he returns with only a handful of beans given to him by a monk to keep safe. His uncle is very upset though and tosses the bean. The beans though quickly grow into a portal between Jack's world, and one in the skies that was shut off to leave the giants stowed away from humans, but now that the portal has been reopened they can become a threat again.

Acting: The acting really works for the movie, and the chemistry between the two leads works for the sweet and innocent romance in the movie. Nicholas Hoult has what it takes to make Jack work. He is an adult, so he still will appeal to an older adult audience, but the story stays tame enough to appeal to younger audiences as well. Eleanor Tomlinson might be the weakest of the cast, as the princess. She isn't particularly memorable, but she has good chemistry with the lead that works. Ewan McGregor is Elmont, one of the soldiers. I think he works for the role, and McGregor keeps the character likable and brave. As the bad guy you have Stanley Tucci as the bad guy Roderick. He portrays the bad guy well with just making him bad, and giving him no redeemable qualities.

Filming: I like how the CGI blends with the actual surroundings. It brings out the action very well, and I think it gives the fairy tale vibe of the story. The giants are well done, and look intimidating as well. You have this huge bean stalk that works well too, and just was well done. I like how all the action is caught as well, and while the images might be terrifying for younger crowds it is never too gory and violent, which works for me considering I am not fan of that.

Plot: The plot follows being based on the tale that most have grown up knowing. I like how they have expanded on it a bit and given this reason for why the giants are banished there. There were some things I couldn't help letting my mind wander to though like why are there no female giants? If there aren't any how do they have more giants? Anyways, that really doesn't matter in this time we spend with the movie though because the real dilemma is the fact that the bean stalk now provides a way for the giants to get back to humans, and begin again their destruction they were causing before banishment. I like the romance that was wrote into the movie as well. I guess there isn't a huge amount of character development either though. The characters already have their personalities, but they are given a few fears to overcome.

Bryan Singer put together an enjoyable fantasy tale. I think it combines a lot of elements well like the fantasy, action, adventure and romance to make something that can appeal to many people. I hate that it did so bad at the box office though, and that is perhaps because of the very similar movies being released around the same time, and if you're like me you got to pick wisely what you watch in theaters that month to avoid spending a bit of money.

Rating 8 of 10.

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