Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Movie Night: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2011)

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen mainly drew me because I thought it would be very nature filled and perhaps maybe inspiring. While the acting is good, and the chemistry between the leads is there, something about the movie runs a little dull at times. I never can quite leap onto caring about where this movie is going. I do care about the romance though, and the development with that. Despite unable to make the Sheiks endeavors inspiring they at least made us concerned about hte personal lives of the people involved.

Summary: The British government needs something to redeem their image in the eyes of the public, and they seem to be at a loss until a Sheik seems to be looking for someone to enlist to help him improve the lives of his people in the Yemen. He thinks if he can brings Salmon to the area that it will not only give the locals a water resource but food. Harriet is put on the assignment and seeks out Captain Robert, who is a fishing expert, to help her plan how it would be possible to bring fish and water there. He believes the plan is impossible, but his growing feelings for Harriet encourage him on with the plan.

Acting: The chemistry between Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor feels real in their roles as Harriet and Robert. The fact that they both have romances outside of each other makes for a nice complication as well because Robert being married makes their relationship look very impossible. Amr Waked is the Sheihk seeking the help from them both, and I felt his character was too likable. It's like you are supposed to forget this guy has seven wives on the side. I think had Robert not been married when he went and eyed another woman his character would have been more likable. Even though his wife don't have any chemistry anymore it just doesn't seem justifiable to hurt someone like that.

Filming: The movie has a very beautiful quality to it that is bright and all the colors pop. That is what really stood out about the movie. The color almost looks dream like. There wasn't any techniques as far as scenes though or even how things transitioned that really popped to me. I also heard the movie had a lot of humor, but I couldn't find that present either.

Plot: The plot is very stretched, but they seem to try to make up for it with a character, Robert, who also believes what they are trying to achieve is too expensive and too impossible. There is probably a reason there isn't water in the middle of the desert, but yet people think if they can just shift a dam there and get a river flowing that it's easy as pie. They also don't seem to take into account that how fish swim may not be the only factor in deciding whether fish can live in this different environment. Also, Harriet doesn't seem to be phased at all that Robert just left another woman and now she is hitting on that.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen has some cute moments and works because the lead characters interact well with each other, and even though it seems ridiculous it feels like the characters really grow involved with what they are trying to do in the Yemen. We don't see much of the people they are trying to help to grow a connection though, and everything seems more centered on the romance except with some occasional laughter at the British government.

Rating 7 of 10.

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