Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wednesday Movie Night: Thor (2011)

Marvel comics has what seems to be the most successful superhero franchise there is. With Iron Man being a hit, and in preparation for the now released Avengers movies, Thor was released despite the fact he wasn't as big as the other heroes. The movie went over quite well though, and honestly I liked it just as much as I did the Iron Man movies. Thor's personality is very arrogant, but the themes of the movie dealing with how he matures and grows throughout is one that many can find something about to relate to, and the character is likable himself.

Summary: Thor is arrogant and impulsive, and his dad, the king of Asgard, has had enough. Odin, the king, banishes Thor from Asgard, and he is forced to live among humans. Instantly, upon landing on earth he is put in the path of humans that are reluctant about his sanity first, but after mysterious forces show up on earth they begin to believe him with Jane being the one most interested in Thor's past. Leaving Asgard though has left it unprotected from a lurking villain and with his father ill he must find a way to return home to protect it.

Acting: All the actors seems to work well together. A lot of the comedy works just by how the characters react to certain situations, and by the end they have transitioned the movie well into a more serious action movie. Chris Hemsworth was virtually an unknown name when cast as Thor, but this is probably one his best roles to date. He knows how to make Thor likable, but also balances his arrogance well. On top of that he has really funny moments that he makes perfect by giving it the right voicing and timing. Natalie Portman hasn't had as big a year as she did around the time Thor was released. She is likable though as Jane, and she works well for the romance part because it never gets too cheesy. Tom Riddleston is Loki, and this was another role that was a huge introduction an actor almost unknown. It's amazing how he can go from the likable characters he has been and then be someone as evil as Loki. Anthony Hopkins also stars as Odin bringing the star power, and there is Stellan Skarsgard as Erik.

Filming: The filming always knows how to keep your interest even when the movie is building character development. You also have very vivid shots of the action and world that Thor lives in. Though Asgard is all CGI it feels real and is brought to life well. Plus any other inclusions of CGI are just well done. There is never a moment it just feels like what you're seeing couldn't be real. Also, you have very beautiful landscape shots as well.

Plot: This plot seems to be more intent on building characters than the other superhero movies I've seen. We spend a good bit of time with Thor as he tries to navigate the responsibility that his father wants to give him, and then how his time on earth will help him grow to be more ready for that time when it happens. Also, Loki is unlikable but still complex, because it just seems like the guy was sadly a bad egg and there was no fighting it.

Thor was more entertaining than I expected with some funny dialogue that is very quotable. You also have a cast of actors that fit their role and seem to be excited to portraying the people they are acting as. The build up toward the end is quite grand as well, and feel fitting. It's just another movie that is good in the line of Marvel movies, and it has gotten me to looking forward to the November release.

Rating 8 of 10.

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