Saturday, September 7, 2013

399 of 1001 Albums: Turbonegro's Apocalypse Dudes

While there might be a lot of instrumental talent on the album I just don't know that I could ever take a band seriously that titles it's songs after raunchy sex acts. I can't imagine asking someone "Have you heard that amazing song "Good Head" or how about "Rendezvous With Anus?!" The song track title is enough to make you forget the fact they may have talent instrumentally.

History: This underground band met their stardom with this album that received rave reviews from critics from the likes of Pitchfork and Allmusic. The guys though most have been nearing a collide though because they disbanded a bit of time after this album before grouping back again.  With the less underground vibe sound in this album though it had outside appeal they hadn't reached before. The guys seemed to have their own apocalypse going on themselves though.

Vocals: The vocals are pretty decent. He has range, but it also doesn't really get anywhere impressive for me either. I think the instrumentals over run him a bit of times, which probably isn't a hugely bad thing considering the content of the album just seems gross. There is nothing to get too particularly passionate about when singing songs like this.

Instrumentals: Where it may be at in appeal is the instrumentals. Euroboy and Run are playing the lead and rhythm guitar. It makes for some interesting mix up in riffs and an underground sound that combines a lot of different rock elements for a punk and metal sound. After a while of listening though I found many of the songs just blended. I will say that it didn't sound so heavily dated to the 90's though, and does still have this modern vibe.

Recording: The recording as mentioned earlier does combine modern and classic well, so the album doesn't get heavily dated to the 90's. There are some classic punk and metal influences it sounds like mixed into the album, plus it sounds like it is keeping current in progressing the particular genre. The instrumentals and vocals also get their highlight with the way the album is produced, and it doesn't sound way too heavily engineered to the point of leaving behind the talent that put together the music.

Turbonegro honestly isn't something I can take seriously. The album has ridiculous song titles that seem just sexual all the way through. I couldn't find any given explanation for it, and if that is what they want to be for fun then whatever. I couldn't even tell my fiance what I was listening to today because it was just too awkward to say their name.

Rating 1 of 10.

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