Monday, September 23, 2013

Book Review: Carrie Rocha's Pocket Your Dollars

The most ironic thing to me is that the book is about saving your money yet you'll have to spend at the very least $8 to get this book digitally. There are plenty of books out there on money though, so maybe you'll find this one worth not keeping your money in the pocket for. Carrie Rocha has had plenty of financial woes and she has overcome them with some lifestyle changes that corrected her way of thinking toward money. At times it reads a bit repetitive, sometimes like a typical self help book, and other times it really does motivate.

Summary: Carrie has seemed to witness money issues that have really impacted her life. From being a kid where her family lost their business, to an adult and using a credit card to pay for her wedding, she seems to not have witnessed the best ways to save money for the circumstances you'll need. She has five attitude changes that she made and applied to her own family to be working to change their financial situation. Everything from cutting out the splurge spending, to eliminating credit cards, they have done a lot to recover their money from debt. Now she is sharing it with readers to help them live a more positive and money saving lifestyle.

Characters: With non-fiction you don't really have fictional characters, but you have real life people who are sharing their experiences with you and what they learned in the hopes that others can learn from it. It works for Carrie because she shares a lot about her personal life with her husband Macro, so the reader has a better understanding that she seems to really know what she is talking about. The two have had a lot of debt, and they've made no excuses for themselves. They owned up to it and they dealt with it. This makes their attitude one that is likable toward their finances. I can't help but wonder how much of her ideas are realistic though and how much is just motivated by pen and power. When you're given the opportunity to write a book that can talk freely on what others can do it makes you forget that not everything is a broad situation.

Writing: To be honest the writing got a bit dull at times. She will make a point write a bit about it, then ramble, and then come back to talk about those points again. She wrote them out twice to appear on two separate pages just as they were on the previous. It just didn't make for the most interesting reading at times. Carrie does find her voicing other times, and you feel the emotion when she gets out of self help mode and actually writes about something you can tell hits home for her.

Plot: While there isn't a plot I still felt I grew with Carrie through the book. She does have a great way of building through her life to the way she is now. She starts with stories as a kid and works her way up through her marriage to now. I thought this does more than just give us a set of attitudes to follow, but also make us see that the author just isn't sharing something out of her mind at the moment she thinks would be good, but things that I would hope to assume she has put in practice.

Pocket Your Dollars probably is nothing new you couldn't find or gain from her site she runs of the same name. Unless you really need the motivation to save money you can probably could just garner all you need from her web page. It does have moments where I gained some good reminders on my approach to life and felt motivated, but on a whole it isn't anything groundbreaking.

Rating 7 of 10.

This book was provided by Bethany House Publishers in exchange for a review.

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