Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday Movies: Hot Fuzz (2007)

So to finish up the three movies I ended with Hot Fuzz, which I think is my favorite of the three, and I actually spent a week debating that! There is something about the way they weave actual character development seriously into a very silly plot line that is just well done. I also saw that you didn't need an extensive knowledge in action movies to enjoy, but trust me, if you have seen Die Hard, Bad Boys, or Lethal Weapon then you will enjoy the movie a lot more. Not having seen them doesn't take away from it though.

Summary: Nicholas Angel feels like he is a big time London cop on the verge of promotion...promotion to a rural quaint English Village that is. His new partner also is not quite the brightest or boldest.What appears at first to be town only needing cleaning up of underage drinkers and vandalizers though seems to be disguising a deeper problem in the town. As a string of murders begins taking place in front of Angel's eyes, he begins investigating only to find his job was much bigger than expected.

Acting: If it wasn't for the abilities of Nick Frost or Simon Pegg then you wouldn't have a movie like this that could work. I think it could only work with the likes of British humor. It treads a fine line from getting too silly yet also still making you laugh, and it perfectly walks that line. Simon is Nicholas Angel, and this guy always knows how to bring each character to life. He seems like a guy who could be so easily typecast but with each movie he has turned out something different, whether it's the average sort of slummy guy thrown into a zombie apocalypse, a notable cop, or a drunk who is aspiring to finish his pub crawl. Nick Frost is Danny Butterman and has a lot more range than I would have thought too. They work together well. I also liked seeing Bill Nighy comeback into this movie with Martin Freeman for a cameo.

Filming: The way the movie is shot added a lot to the comedy. You have these scenes where it sort of amps up the action with the lights looking wavering or the shots flickering. Some might not enjoy how intense that gets but I think it helps add to the comedy of the situation. The movie also seems to have went under a budget upgrade from Shaun of the Dead and the quality is a lot better.

Plot: What makes the movie hilarious is that no matter what part of the world, particularly small town people, you wonder about what it is the cops are doing in your town? The movie just takes the action out of the cities where most action movies place themselves because honestly probably more action for cops happens there, and puts it in a rural situation. The partnership that forms between Danny and Nicholas is funny too, yet it somehow feels like a real friendship. It just has the comedy well woven in.

Hot Fuzz is for those who may or may not be into action movies. And if you're into them then you'll enjoy the comedy that doesn't talk down about those movies but just takes the situation and puts it with people who aren't quite like the people who handle it in the other action movies. It also does get you interested in the story as well.

Rating 9 of 10.

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