Friday, September 20, 2013

Saturday Movies: Now You See Me (2013)

Why ruin a good thing with a part two to this movie? Now You See Me is an unique and fun movie that sums things up by the end and should just be left alone. Trust me I have no further curiosity after this movie just of what these guys are capable of.  Louis Leterrier is a French director who has done many movies abroad, but it explains why France is so heavily weaved into this one. It also features some great actors who bring each of their characters to life. I didn't realize that Louis Leterrier directed other movies I had watched like The Incredible Hulk, which I personally enjoyed.

Summary: An FBI agent, Dylan Rhodes, and an Interpol detective, Alma Dray, begin investigating a group of magicians who performances consist of them performing heist. Each heist seems to be leading to something bigger. Each person was chose for their talents they could contribute to the group. J. Daniel Atlas is good with cards and allusions, Merritt is good with the allusion of telepathy, Henley is good with stunt trick, and Jack is a tricky thief. With this group thrown together it will be difficult to stop them before their final act.

Acting: The cast is well done because whether you like the person portraying each character they still fit with what the vibe of the person is. Isla Fischer is Henley, Jesse Eisenberg is J., Woody Harrelson is Merritt, and Dave Franco is Jack. The group works well together to make the magicians feel like a unit. There is also Mark Ruffalo as Dylan, and while he starts off as a jerk the guy always ends up likable in the role he is portraying. Melanie Laurent is becoming one of my favorite actresses and follows her good roles with Alma. She is always so strong but feminine. Morgan Freeman is in the movie as well as Thaddeaus, who has a television show where he exposes magicians tricks, and follows the crew to exploit them. There is also Michael Cain as the guy financing the magicians, Arthur.

Filming:  The movie is filmed in a very fast paced way. With the director's credentials he is good about capturing action and giving the movie a very fast paced vibe that keeps you enthralled with what is happening. The color is vivid and bright and though this is necessarily action, it does keep you on the edge of your seat with how the camera glides through introducing each character and through the scenes. It works to capture the magic.

Plot: The plot has plenty of twist and is well written to keep you compelled. Some might guess the ending, but regardless I still found it to be satisfying. There are also plenty of personalities to keep you liking the characters are divided enough to dislike them for whatever reason. I thought the movie felt complete, and it was a surprise how enjoyable it was. You quickly get into the movie, and then quickly fly through it despite the almost 2 hour run time.

Now You Seem Me is a great surprise, and one of the more enthralling movies I've seen this year. It has a great cast and it keeps you in suspense enough to keep you guessing. The twist are plentiful, and they try to give satisfying explanations. If you analyze a lot you might try to find the flaws though in the story and that is just no fun, so enjoy it.

Rating 8 of 10.

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