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Wednesday Movie Night: Good Will Hunting (1997)

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck seemed to be taken to instant stardom when they both co-wrote the screenplay for Good Will Hunting. Gus Van Sant directs this movie that sticks with you after viewing though. The movie gets a tad cheesy with how easily everything seems to be just summed up, but the characters are well written enough to come to life and make you feel for them as you watch their story play out. I'm still debating how good enough it is for a rewatch eventually though.

Summary: Professor Gerald likes to leave really difficult math problems for his students to solve. With him being one of the top mathematicians it's intriguing for him to be on the hunt for one who might exceed the expectations he set in the field. Someone does solve the problem he leaves though sending him on the hunt for who he believes is a student, until he finds it is Will, a janitor at Harvard. After Gerald gets Will out of some trouble he makes him agree to see a counselor and also allow him to mentor him through his job. Sean might be the only counselor who can help Will though as he has proven a tough case for the other ones.

Acting: The acting is truly superb in the movie. I haven't seen Matt Damon in much where I thought he blew me away as an actor. I mean he was great in The Departed, and can act, but there were way more that out shined to focus on his acting alone. In Good Will Hunting though, Matt Damon out plays at his part by showing a variety of the good and bad emotions in Will that make him seem human and make us wonder what paths he will take in life since he seems he can go anywhere. Robin Williams is the guy who begins counseling him, Sean. I think Robin Williams always adds a real element to his character, and this was one of my favorite roles I've seen him in. Despite the drama nature of his character, he somehow makes him humorous as well in what he says. Ben Affleck is the friend, Chuckie. I think Affleck shows one his better acting roles in this movie, and while a lot of people doubt his ability to be the next Batman, I think people should check out this movie to see he can act when he's got a good script to also go with it. There is also Minnie Driver as the girl that gets Will's interest, Skylar. While a lot of people complained about her looks in this movie, I think she makes Skylar a really cool girl, and it is understandable why guys take an interest in her very chilled out nature.

Filming: The movie adds some pop to what could be some bland scenes. In what seemed very Coen brothers fashioned sometimes you have these very heavily lined shots. Like in the scenes where Will is cleaning the hallways at a Harvard building. The way the building is framed in the scene just makes it seem mysterious and endless. Otherwise I can't say much was really notable about shots or anything.

Plot: What got this movie attention was how the very young Damon and Affleck wrote this movie very early on in their careers and created one of the longest known friendships in Hollywood. I think the two guys being friends in real life also adds something to their characters Chuckie and Will in the movie, because their friendship feels so real. They make the characters pop with emotion and life. Some will not like the very feel-good ending though. How quickly the character development changes and people turn around might even feel a little unrealistic for some, but it is compelling.

Good Will Hunting deserves the talk it got in the year of 1997. It is well written, and shows the wide array of talent of the guys behind it. It bodes to a good future for the guys would would star in more hit movies and even go on to direct an Oscar winner. It doesn't ever feel slow in any area either thought it's a complete drama all the way through.

Rating 8 of 10.

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