Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday Movie Night: World War Z (2013)

After a huge struggle to make the movie including a controversy on set with Matthew Fox, the movie finally arrived this summer. Marc Foster definitely wasn't the director I would have imagined for the movie, particularly since his James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace was the weakest. Foster though does well with conveying the action of this movie, and providing plenty of development to keep us on the edge of our seats for almost two hours. In some ways it feels like a lot for the small almost two hour run.

Summary: Gerry is an United Nations employee. His connections are what save him and his family from the sweeping zombie invasion in the city he lives in. He is sent out on a mission though to prove that him and his family are valuable occupants on a ship away from the disaster. He must track where it began and how he can possibly cure the disease that is happening. What he finds though are cities being toppled even with stifling protection and an epidemic that seems to have affected every corner of the globe. To protect his family though he will stop at nothing to figure it out.

Acting: Brad Pitt stars in one of the few blockbuster movies he's taken part in as Gerry. I think Pitt is good in his role. He seems to care about his family and he takes on the huge task he has believably. I think the most unbelievable thing for me is that he is married to the woman he is with in the movie. Mirelle Enos plays his wife, Karin. I thought she played it well though her role was small. Danelle Kertesz was the surprising part of the cast that really impressed me as a soldier he meets in Israel, Segen. Her role was emotional and powerful, and my favorite to watch in the movie. What was surprising is that Matthew Fox only got credited as a parajumper and made almost a miss appearance in the movie.

Filming: The filming does have a Marc Foster vibe it. The movie is very dark but warm in tone. It has a very technical vibe to the movie and it handles things straight forward. Some have made the random comment that the movie felt indie, but I didn't get that at all. I liked how the colors were used to illustrate the impending doom and fear of the characters as well.

Plot: The plot is very straight forward, so if you read the book and are expecting a more diverse and broad look at the zombie invasion that is what this movie is. It does try to tie in the book by having Gerry visit different nations to track where this might have began. From there he talks to different people affected by the zombies and learns more about what is happening to the people the zombies come in contact with. What may be stretched is how Gerry is able to solve all this. It is a very nicely cleaned up solution to what has always been a messy look at life for people.

World War Z provides plenty of action and the characters are generally likable. As you near the end though you can tell the ending is a little too wrapped up maybe for budget sake. They were running out of money to finance this movie. Had they had more, or maybe planned within a budget better this movie might have been better woven together plot wise. This didn't take away from the intensity or fear that the movie creates.

Rating 8 of 10.

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