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208 of 1001 Movies: No Country For Old Men (2007)

So I remember getting this movie often confused with There Will Be Blood, and it seems that when discussing movies from 2007 people commonly put these two up for comparison. It's odd because as far as story and characters there isn't much in common, but the vibe and tone seem very much the same. They both work through much of the movie silently, they have strong lead male characters, and eerie guys. There also set in some very vast, bleak territories. No Country For Old Men is really a unique story all on it's own though that compels you from beginning to end even though you're wondering through most of the  movie "How in the heck did I get here?"

Summary: If you stumbled upon $2 million dollars would you take the money? Well Llewellyn does and lands in a heap of trouble when he does. He isn't prepared for the mad man that will begin seeking him out to find the money though. Anton is violent and he seems to be more set on just causing violence instead of even wanting the money. After Anton discovers who has taken the money it not only puts Llewellyn at risk, but his whole family.

Acting: The acting is done really well from everyone in the movie. Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem seem to have mostly silent characters they put so much emotion into them even without adding voicing. You have Brolin as Llewellyn, and as the movie builds you can feel his anxiety increasing without much visible change or more words. Javier Bardem is Anton, and plays his most craziest character to date. He barely says anything, and his face is the same for most the movie, but he just feels so eerie to watch. Tommy Lee Jones is the sheriff investigating the violence, Ed. He speaks the most and adds the most reflection to movie as he seems to be just an insider at the end looking into the mayhem happening. Kelly Macdonald is Carla, Llewellyn's wife. Her part doesn't have much in the movie, but at the end I feel her scene comes out as one of the most powerful of the whole movie.

Filming: With it being Coen brothers you can expect the movie to have shots that make it worth your while to watch, except they've perfected the craft to even a better point in this movie. The angles line up amazingly to the point where they are there but not as noticeable as past shots. You have very bright shots that contrast well with the dark nature too. The movie also runs with no score until you get to credits. This allows for an oddly unique impact on the movie.

Plot: The plot of No Country to Old Men runs swiftly and catches you off guard. When first opening with the movie I just thought where is this going? There is a random guy killing people and this guy stumbles on some money. We seem to be thrown into a middle of a situation already happening, but then you feel apart of it all of a sudden. There is no huge lead up, it's just there, and it works well. You feel attached to the characters even with the minor dialogue.

No Country For Old Men has plenty to buzz about. It's suspenseful, a little creepy, and has character's you care for. If you like dark movies as well this one is right up that alley. It took a book I wasn't too fond of and made it into a really good movie. The development was spot on and it has a bad guy that you are hoping against, but realize you never know who he is or what is intentions are.

Rating 8 of 10.

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