Tuesday, October 29, 2013

214 of 1001 Movies: Ghostbusters (1984)

I often was given a look of surprise when I told people I had never watched Ghostbusters. Now weird looks no more. I have seen it. The good thing about Ghostbusters is that it knows it's silly and goes with it. There was never a moment I felt the movie was taking itself too seriously, so that helps with the 80s graphics and even the music. It's well cast too, so the characters still feel real, but also comedic with much of the steps they take.

Summary: Peter, Raymond, and Ego are left unemployed after the college they work for deems their department as unessential. The trio still believes there is a need for someone to be investigating the paranormal though, and with no other source of income to turn to, they begin their own business of eradicating spooks that are haunting. A woman experiencing strange experiences at her apartment seek out the team . What is happening there may be the strangest supernatural happening yet, and one bigger than they can handle.

Acting: Bill Murrary really does steal the show as far as the actors. He's got the most witty dialogue and his sarcastic humor works great here.  His interaction and chemistry with Sigourney Weaver is surprising but great as well. Weaver plays Dana, and while I haven't seen much of her work from earlier in her career I have enjoyed her acting. She is very diverse and can take on roles in Alien where she is serious and even masculine, and then be more feminine and seductive in Ghostbusters. Dan Aykroyd is also good as Raymond, and balances the chast well. Harold Ramis is Egon, and he seems to just make the least of all the appearances of the Ghostbusters. His character is funny in some moments, but definitely not as memorable. There is also Rick Morainis as a creepy guy who shares an apartment complex with Dana, there is Ernie Hudson as Winston, who is another person about of the Ghostbuster crew.

Filming: Ivan Reitman really juggles the limitations of 80's special effects well. Instead of trying to make the movie serious on any level he keeps it all silly. With the special effects this works. I have to say The Frighteners was made over ten years later and still the special effects in Ghostbusters looks just as modern. The movie also blends the atmosphere of the city well against the haunted back drop, and the scenes are planned well to catch you from beginning to end.

Plot: The plot has a steady tone. It combines a little romance, a bit of action, a few spooks, and a lot of comedy for the movie. The movie also makes sure to combine a lot of other themes to mix in with science and faith. I've got to say that Peter just steals the show. Watching his character go from a complete womanizer to singling in on one woman is just interesting, plus he has the best comedy bits of the group that just make you mainly wanting his character on screen to watch.

Ghostbusters is a classic. If you're someone who was alive during the 80's you might have a better appreciation for it, but hopefully younger audiences can forgive the effects to really enjoy this movie. It's one of the more funny movies I've seen, and it also has scenes that are progressing the stories. I don't remember one part of the movie that became dull or feel it overstayed it's length. You have enough going on in the movie from the health inspector, to the ghosts, to the characters, to keep you entertained.

Rating 9 of 10.

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