Saturday, October 12, 2013

407 of 1001 Albums: Cheap Trick's At Budokan

Cheap Trick's At Budokan is an enjoyable album. It has a lot of fun tunes, and with it being live you get to here the enjoyment of the audience listening as well. To be honest though the recording lacks a little in quality, and it's not you will misplace for being a studio album. The live quality shows the guys skills, particularly on guitar though.

History: Well to explain much of it, this album was meant to be only released in Japan. With the huge success of the band's concert in Japan they performed a show at Budokan. With thousands of fans there the band was almost drowned out at times. The success though grew out of Japan with the album being import copies began selling popularly in the U.S. The album is well received by critics, and Rolling Stone lists it in it's 500 Greatest albums list.

Vocals: While the quality of this concert may not be the greatest you can still hear the talent streaming through. Robin Zander competes with the instrumentals well for the spotlight well with is vocals. His vocals have a way of following the music in a fun way that keeps the content of the songs fun and lively. Where the album really peaks for me as far as the vocals "Need Your Love" his vocals are very memorable on this song, and have a nice pattern.

Instrumentals: The guitar sounds very good, and I sort of like the mixture of classic and a little bit of the funner sounds that aren't as dark in rock. Rick Nielsen is famous for his 5 neck guitar. It takes talent to another level with the way he plays it. You also have Tom Peterson on bass and Bun E. Carlos on drums. The instrumentals work together to give the album a great vibe.

Recording: The recording is a weak point in the album. The album wasn't intended to be far spanning outside of Japan though, so for an album like this one to accomplish as much as it did is quite huge. It also left it being really straight up live quality. It shows that the bands talent far expanded outside of the recording quality of the music and the vocals and instrumentals resonated with fans.

I would personally like to find the studio versions of "I Want You to Want Me" and "Need Your Love" because those songs have been stuck in my head since, but it's been a welcome to have songs I want stuck in my head though. I like the more upbeat vibe of the music and I think it would sound much better with the studio tracks found.

Rating 8 of 10.

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