Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bookshelf: Lee Grady's 10 Lies the Church Tells Women

Depending on some of your theological perspectives you may or may not agree with everything in this book. The book does have some topics that anyone of any sex can agree on. While women preaching is still highly controversial in the church there are other subjects like spousal abuse that takes place under the misinterpretation of the submission verse in the Bible that is quite startling, and the fact that pastors would tell a woman to stay in the marriage and just pray her husband changes even if he is beating her. Personally, I think Grady provides enough evidence to suggest that women preaching in church was highly cultural, and plus other parts of text like women wearing head coverings and completely being in silent in church seem to have been mostly overlooked by most denominations while that one is still held tightly to.

Summary: Many churches do undermine women. Whether it's sticking them with work that is just in nurseries, making them face away from the audience if they are musician, or telling them that they must submit to a husband who is beating them, it seems that women still have yet to be treated with equality in the church. Grady also shares why he believes women preaching is contextual, and shares many women who have went on themselves to inspire many as preachers. Whatever your thoughts on the subject it provides information that is vital and others that will get you to thinking.

Characters: The book uses people that Grady claims are real situations that he has discovered, except he changes their name for privacy sake. What most these women have been through is pretty degrading and shocking. Even though I've encountered the sexism before, or was aware of it's existence I guess I've never come across it in such a harsh way. A lot of the quotes he uses from notable men in Christianity is also a bit disturbing because of their perspective on women just being good for sex and children. You have these notable people who believed scary things about women.

Writing: The writing is where the weakest part of the book is for me. Grady uses a lot of exclamation points, and I just felt it was too much. It would sound more professional and get the point across better to just use periods. I also thought a lot of the facts brought up by Grady weren't hardcore enough to really get the other side to change. Personally, I agree with the points, but they didn't seem like anything innovative enough to get me to convince others of my views unless I bought the other books referenced in the book used for research.

Plot: As far as plot well this is non-fiction, but Grady does a great job at organizing the book with each lie for a chapter. I felt though at times it was overly planned and I could tell that I always was reading the same amount of pages in each chapter as if things were just wrote to meet a daily amount to have done. This does leave room for rambling or just things like quote that don't reinforce the subject for me. What I do admire is that Grady really is trying to look at this matter from a woman's view. It's much easier for a man to never consider women's rights or just what it might be like for someone to tell you that you can't do something because you were born female. A man never has to be told he can't do something because he's male, unless it's childbirth, but I've never ever heard a man say he feels like he's missing something not being able to do that.

10 Lies the Church Tells Women will offend many Christians as I still know many who prescribe to ideas in this book. It also won't change minds of people who are already decided about where they feel women belong either though. Grady provides great facts, but it doesn't feel substantial enough to move other logical basis people have either. I mean there is a verse that men can only be elders in the Bible, and he never even approaches that verse in this whole book because it's a tough one to look at when arguing for women's rights in the church.

Rating 7 of 10.

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