Sunday, October 27, 2013

Saturday Movies: The Heat (2013)

The guy who directed this and Bridesmaid is the science teacher from Sabrina The Teenage Witch?! My mind is blown. What's interesting about Paul Feig is that the movies he's directed are about females, and written by females. I think the way he chooses to go about his movies provides the perfect balance of enjoyment for men and women alike. As someone who enjoyed Bridesmaids I was really excited about The Heat. Feig has taken women from romantic comedies and given us buddy comedies. A genre prominently owned by men.

Summary: Ashburn is an uptight FBI agent sent to manage a case involving a drug lord. If she blows this case then she could find herself losing her job. Mullins is a local cop though who already feels connected to this case, so when Ashburn arrives they first are battling for who will maintain the investigation of it. The two are given no choice though to work together instead. With Mullins insight to the city, and Asburn's connection in the FBI the two find themselves a good team. They may also make the best of friends as well.

Acting: Sandra Bullock is Ashburn, and returns to her very typical role of being a not too popular at a workplace. While Bullock is a good actress she isn't as funny as Melissa McCarthy, and this role does put you in mind of her characters like from The Proposal or Miss Congeniality.To be honest I like how she likes to pick unusual women characters to depict in movies. Melissa McCarthy's character is in line with her trademark roles as well, but somehow she always puts a bit of a twist on it to make it feel like a different person, as Bullock does. She is just very blunt, but somehow has heart.

Filming: This movie definitely had a different vibe than Bridesmaid despite the same director. The color just seemed a lot darker, more orange, and honestly just a bit more mimicking the style of Bad Boys. It still has a lot of the women dynamics, and dealings with police that the previous movie did though as well. It also has a lot of music to spice up the scenes and make them more compelling with a lot of attitude.

Plot: The strongest part of the movie is how the dialogue is written in, because it isn't the way the movie is shot that is funny. I remember seeing previews and not finding them as funny as the actual movie, which is rare. You have to watch the whole movie and follow who the characters are and where they are going to actually laugh. The people are what get you to laughing. Not little one liners or even crude moments. The development of the characters is nice as well, and they don't force them into growing into unrealistic expectations.

The Heat is one of the funnier comedies from the summer of 2013 in what was a weaker summer for comedies in general. Feig though continues to show that he has talent directing comedies that not only give something different about women in movies, but also could make anyone laugh. The humor is well woven into the story.

Rating 8 of 10.

The Heat (2013) on IMDb

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