Friday, October 4, 2013

Saturday Movies: Oblivion (2013)

Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise...I mean Jack in Oblivion. Honestly, it felt like someone just dumped Jack Reacher in a sci-fi movie. I was planning on really disliking Oblivion though, and while it might be the predictable sci-fi movie you'll expect, the acting at least takes the characters seriously enough to leave behind some memorable characters. Just plan that it will take a bit to get you into the movie as you begin it.

Summary: Jack is a drone repairmen who lives upon a decimated earth with his girlfriend, Victoria. Soon they will be able to return to their home that is set off earth and in a spaceship drawing power from earth after having done their mission. Earth has been ravaged by a race of aliens known Scavs, or so they are told. Jack discovers a crashed vessel though that begins to cause him to question everything he's been working for, and meets a woman, Julia, that seems highly familiar to him. The more he gets to know her the more he realizes the lies he's been living, and what he must fight against if he wants to save earth from a worse fate.

Acting: The acting is pretty solid in the movie, and probably the better part of it. Tom Cruise doesn't vary too much as Jack, and even has chosen once again a character with a similar name and personality to the ones he has chosen of late. He brings him to life well, and for the first time in a while makes me forget he is Tom Cruise. Morgan Freeman plays a resistance leader, and well honestly doesn't provide much to the movie. I found many of his parts dull. Olga Kurylenko is Julia, and doesn't do much either except look vacant and serious. Andrea Risborough is a bit more interesting as the girlfriend though, Victoria. She seems to be cast a lot for looks, but has one of the more interesting personalities of the movie.

Filming: The movie looks very pretty. It's bright and vivid, and this contrasts well with the darkness of the movie because it seems bleak for the human race. I like how the shots are done, and found it was one of the compelling parts of the movie. The movie is very bright, and the few signs that life is thriving in the movie make for a lively atmosphere.

Plot: The plot is generic as it feels sci-fi has explored this subject up and down. The writing though for the most part does keep us involved with the characters, thankfully. The plot itself doesn't lead up to anything worth watching itself. By the time we get to the end and the movie ends it is a letdown, because you were expecting quite epic to be waiting on Jack, and all you get is something a little too difficult to understand. This makes the movie look like it is trying to be too deep and complex without really thinking through what it is going for with the ending.

Oblivion is ultimately oblivious to the meaning it is trying to make with some of the twist and very non-climatic ending. The acting is pretty solid though, and you do at least get involved with the direction of their lives. I just wish that everything would have been tied together in a way that would have caused me to consider this to be more of a memorable movie by the end.

Rating 7 of 10.

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