Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday Movie Night: House at the End of the Street (2012)

House at the end of the Street is said to be not really a horror movie from hardcore fans, and it makes sense since most people who claim to be horror fans definitely have more hardcore movies they would recommend. House at the End of the Street is horror in a light suspense. It works off fears that people do have, and this movie doesn't emphasis the gore that can be involved with the genre. As someone who really hates gore, I was appreciative of that. What is rough about the movie is the whole first hour. It seems like we're wasting time because there is nowhere to take this plot without just giving us the last 30 minutes and letting it be over.

Summary: Elissa and her mom move into a new house. Her mom is looking to move on from her divorce and start over in the hopes of also connecting with her daughter. Elissa is more concerned with the tragic murder that occurred down the street from where she lives. When Elissa meets the sole survivor of the murders she befriends him, and begins to fall for him. Ryan is a bit of an oddity though, and Elissa thinks she only has to save him from his tragic past.

Acting: Jennifer Lawerence is a good actress and this movie basically tried to steam pile itself by getting attention with the fact she starred in this. Random thought, I wonder why she was hesitant to do a mainstream movie like The Hunger Games when she did a movie like this? It isn't bad, but also not in pattern with her aware winning performances either. I'd much rather get typecast than let a bad movie end a career. Anyways, Lawerence isn't bad in this movie, but she honestly almost seems bored most the time too. Her character isn't written with much depth and they provide some painful scenes of her singing. Elisabeth Shue is her mother, Sarah, and while she doesn't seem like a bad actress her performance was just there, but not really anything I got attached to. Max Theirot is Ryan, the weird guy, and he does a good job with it, but he gets so involved in the weird, I had no idea why Elissa was hanging out with him. The guy would have sent me scared away the moment I met him. You got Gil Bellows as Weaver, a cop, but outside that not too much going on with the cast.

Filming: The movie ha this weird, grainy, dark green and orange tone that seems to be trying to make up for a lack of scares. It works to create this gritty setting, but it doesn't do much to improve the lack of horror. Otherwise there are some awkward moments of having to sit through teens singing and forced conversations to fill time until the movie begins near the end.

Plot: The plot stays on path and there are even some nice twists near the end that were intriguing to watch unfold. What wasn't fun was the 45 minutes it took to get there. We have teens partying, chatting about popularity, and planning a battle of the bands. It seems so out of place in a movie that seems to want to aim to be darker than they are making it. It misses a lot of the elements of impending fear to build up the movie before the ending. It is entertaining though, and no one is an absolutely terrible actor saving it a bit.

House at the End of the Street provides some good thrills, but you'll be waiting to watch them. It has some scenes that are a tad cheesy as well, but there is some entertaining content beneath it. You have actors as well that you've most likely heard of, and while this isn't their shining moments in a movie it will at least keep it from being a really bad movie.

Rating 6 of 10.

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