Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday Movie Night: This Is The End (2013)

It's like the buddy movie of buddy movies, at least for guys in their twenties. Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen team up to bring this comedy about the end of the world, and with a nice spin on things all the actors play themselves. From what I was reading from viewers there were many who liked the film, but there was some odd hate toward the film. It seems it's united some atheists and Christians toward disliking the religious tone of the movie. Some atheists think it's too religious condoning in nature, and some Christians think it's mocking them.

Summary: Jay and Seth travel to L.A, even though Jay hates the city, he goes to spend time with Seth's friends including James, Jonah, Craig. Along the way though they find others left behind as themselves and fighting the end of the world like Danny and Emma. When the group finds the key to being taken to Heaven before destruction on earth gets them they all begin trying to find a way to make it happen, but not all are worthy of going.

Acting: Probably one of the more difficult things to do is portray yourself in a movie. The movie does get off to a little bit of a slow start with Seth and Jay beginning the movie. It just feels a little too forced, but once the guys get where they movie is going the guys fall into their roles. Jonah is not known for being one of the nicest guys outside of his movies, so it's fun to see the movie poke some fun at that as well. Craig Robinson was one of my favorites in the movie as he seemed to approach his role more genuinely then the rest. James Franco also stars and continues his streak of just being diverse. Danny McBride can't be forgotten in the movie, and provides laugh, but he also brings nothing new to what we know him as.

Filming: The movie is shot hilariously. You have sort of a Cloverfield vibe throughout the movie, but it mixes well with some more natural shots so you don't get as annoying of a jittery from the movement. The shots are also really bright for such a dark movie. I think this keeps the film feeling a bit lighter a little bit more comical than if it was just straight shooting for some serious moments.

Plot: The fact that the movie never at any moment takes itself seriously plot wise is what keeps it good. You can try to take something away from the plot about trying to be good for the sake of it instead of trying to earn something from your behavior, but to be looking for anything valuable to take away would be stretching it. The guys make fun of themselves and the concept.

This is The End was probably one of the stronger comedies of the summer, and in the end might have even stold The Hangover's 3 thunder. I don't see how anyone from any side could take offense from this though. It never really directly undermines anyone's views and it does try to play in a little simple message about striving to do some good without the idea of a reward. The guy's do well trying to play themselves too, which I think would be difficult.

Rating 7 of 10.

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