Monday, November 11, 2013

410 of 1001 Albums: Amy Winehouse's Back to Black

I'm pretty sure I could feel this whole post with my love for the song "Back to Black." It gives the album an automatic 7 at the very least. There maybe other songs you remember better from the album like "Rehab", which is also one of the better tunes from the album. Winehouse creates the perfect atmosphere of vintage and modern in the album, and brings the sounds of classic R&B to the crowd of today.

History: Amy Winehouse wouldn't get the Grammy for Best Album of the Year, but she would be recognized as Best Pop Vocal. With comparisons to Macy Gray and Sarah Vaughn she was destined to become a classic in the genre. The album has been listed as the best album of the years 2006 and 2007 on several publishing lists. Though the album was a hit before her death, it became even more popular afterward with it topping iTunes sales list.

Vocals: Amy Winehouse as some of the most recognizable vocals in music. In each song she mixes up the range of her voice either to match the slow tempo or fast tempo of the movement of the instrumentals. Her range also soars when she wants it to. In "Rehab" you almost get the full dose of range of what her vocals are capable of from the lower notes to hitting more mid ranges. It makes for something interesting to hear in each song.

Instrumentals: The instrumentals create this smooth sound that has a lot of emotion and feels cool to listen to. In contrast with the depressing lyrics that usually dapple through the songs you have music that matches the tone, but also relaxes you. It's a great effect, because you at least feel emotionally involved in the music. The brass is what really caught me, because it seems brass is just disappearing from strongly being used in music even though it has a beautiful effect.

Recording: The album was released in 2006 and shot to fame pretty quick. Because of the style of music I think this is music that ages well. It can never be too heavily stereotyped with one point in time. It has a timeless vibe to the sound. Winehouse also have a voice that very strong and has personality. There is no mistaken who is singing when she is singing.

Back to Black has to be one of my favorite albums I've heard on the list so far. It's memorable, it has emotion, vocal talent, and very atmospheric music that just sits with you after you've listened to the album. Not all the songs are as strong as the others, but overall the songs provide something different to the album while keeping it in the same tone.

Rating 9 of 10.

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